RQ Retail Management

Built for Enterprise Scale


Over 48 Million

retail transactions were processed through the RQ Retail Management solution last year.

RQ Mobile

Comprehensive Retail Management

RQ provides all the features necessary to manage and streamline the core functions of your retail business.

Easy To Use

The intuitive and user-friendly design of RQ allows retail staff to serve customers faster, more effectively and with greater confidence than ever before.

  • RQ Widgets

    Accomplish More with the Right Tools

    Personalize Workspaces

    Staff can choose from a variety of widgets that provide easy access to important information and valuable tools right at their fingertips.

  • Customer

    Create the Ultimate Customer Experience

    Provide Personalized Service

    Customer data and history is centralized and accessible from all retail locations - ensuring personalized service at every touch point.

  • Operations

    Create the Ultimate Customer Experience

    Meaningful After Care

    Tools such as Callbacks and Marketing make it easier to follow up with customers - ensuring they are satisfied with their experience and become repeat customers.

  • Create the Ultimate Customer Experience

    Create the Ultimate Customer Experience

    Optimize Inventory Management

    Ensure appropriate product quantities at the right places by ordering and moving products between locations with Purchase Orders, Transfer Requests and RMA’s.

  • Accomplish More with the Right Tools

    Accomplish More with the Right Tools

    Reduce Time Spent on Common Tasks

    Spend more time focusing on the customer experience - and less time on processes like calculating commissions, reconciling rebates, ordering inventory and setting up price sheets.

  • Accomplish More with the Right Tools

    Accomplish More with the Right Tools

    Prioritize Tasks

    Centralize and communicate sales, inventory and productivity so that employees at all levels can accurately assign priority to tasks, activities and follow ups.

  • Make Better, Faster Decisions

    Make Better, Faster Decisions

    Monitor Results

    Retailers can identify key performance indicators; set goals for employees, stores and regions for each of these metrics; and monitor overall performance.

  • Reports

    Make Better, Faster Decisions

    Grow Your Business

    Timely and accurate integrated reports allow retailers to control, adjust and accelerate their wireless business, ensuring increased growth.

RQ Packages

Power to Choose

Since no two retailers are alike, iQmetrix gives you options and the power to choose the RQ software package that best suits the needs of your business.

RQ Mobile

Retail Unleashed

Access RQ on a mobile or tablet device and free your staff from behind the terminal. View real-time reports and access key information, customer profiles, and inventory to serve your customers from anywhere in your store. Monitor performance and accomplish tasks from anywhere in the world.


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