Shield Protection Package

Shield Protection Package

The Ultimate One-Two PCI Punch

PCI compliance is anything but convenient. From confusing technical requirements to advanced knowledge of your business’ networking capabilities, the information needed to avoid paying hefty non-compliance fees is considerable for any merchant. Our new PCI scope reduction package is perfect for those merchants looking to upgrade their payment system with the latest security standards without the hassle. 

Package Includes:

$24.99/mo per location

Pre-configured PCI attestation form

Sample information security policy

Advanced end-to-end encryption

Web-based PCI management portal

Breach insurance coverage

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PCI Piece of Mind For Your Business

No matter your role or business size, the Shield Protection Package has something for everyone.

For the SMB Dealer


Quick: Review, implement, and upload attestation forms in as little as 5 minutes

Cost Effective: Never pay hefty non-compliance fees again

Simple: Eliminate all technical and networking requirements needed to fill out your SAQ

For the Enterprise QSA


Reduce Complexities: Dig into our simple documentation to understand our reduced scope E2EE

Ensure Data Security: Confidently ensure the protection of client data

Save Time: Quickly dissect our secure encryption to determine simple compliance in less time

PCI Features For Serious Security



Pre-Configured PCI Attestation Forms

Reduce your compliance workload with our pre-configured PCI attestation forms. With the help of PCI experts, we’ve worked through the technical and networking requirements needed to ensure PCI compliance across your organization. By tailoring the standard SAQ documentation to reflect our certified end-to-end encryption, we’ve successfully reduced the number of questions from 70 to 19 and eliminated the need for merchants to deep-dive into their business’ technical and network information.

You'll also receive an Information Security Policy sample that, when followed correctly, outlines a preferred security procedure path and supplies the user with important employee training. By combining the pre-configured PCI attestation forms with the Information Security Policy, you can confidently satisfy 95% of the SAQ-C documentation with the least amount of effort.

Advanced End-to-End Encryption

Our custom built end-to-end encryption helps to prevent security breaches by encrypting data at the point of contact on the payment terminal. Working with PCI professionals, we’ve certified our encryption with advanced security standards to ensure a more secure, compliant, and simple payment solution.

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Online PCI Management and Breach Insurance

The Shield Protection Package also offers additional PCI tools for the ultimate in convenient compliance. The PCI Management Portal allows merchants to easily upload their verified pre-configured documentation in a matter of minutes, view PCI status across all locations, and dive into PCI reporting. The package also makes sure our merchants are covered when it comes to breaches by offering an additional breach insurance of $20,000/location.

Get PCI Compliant, Hassle-free.

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