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Powerful reporting, shared device management, and brand promotion. Get it all with the Remote Terminal Solutions package. 

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Real-Time Terminal Insight

  • Unlike other terminal programs, we're payment device agnostic. Capture all device data in your operations no matter the make or model.
  • View a complete list of payment devices including their latest software configuration, serial number, and transaction history with the powerful terminal dashboard.
  • Filter devices by region, individual location, active vs. non-active, and more to access device information in real time.
  • Maintain DSS 9.9.1 PCI compliance with an up-to-date list of your terminal inventory online.
  • Drill down into each payment terminal to view device details and activity, including transaction count, device lifespan, transaction type, and total sales per terminal.

Powerful Brand Extension

  • Enhance your brand story and reach every customer as they checkout with powerful branded screens.
  • Configure branded background images and schedule promotional screens to your terminals in a few simple clicks.

  • Utilize your terminals beyond payments; extend your brand, call attention to seasonal campaigns, and delight your customers.

  • Standardize the look and feel of all terminals across your operations by deploying packaged welcome screen configurations.
  • Rotate marketing campaigns and queue up new promotional screens to keep your terminals fresh and on-message.

Shared Payment Terminals

  • Save hundreds of dollars on the cost of new devices with shared payment terminals.
  • Transition from the traditional one-to-one payment device and RQ workstation ratio by sharing a payment device across multiple workstations.

  • Provide a smoother checkout process, and utlimately, a better customer experience with simple shared payment terminals.

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