Xentris Wireless is a leader in designing, manufacturing, and distributing high quality, innovative wireless accessories supplying a full line of products to a wide range of customers and top wireless companies – including wireless carriers, retailers, and dealer agents. With more than 25 years of experience, Xentris Wireless continues to provide exceptional product, sales, logistics, and marketing solutions to the ever-changing wireless industry with proven success and continued commitment.

Xentris Wireless is one source for all your wireless accessory needs. We have strong partnerships with leading brands and OEMs, including Samsung and LG, which allows us to have a large product selection.


  • Efficient inventory management system
  • Stay on top of market trends to keep relevent products in your stores
  • Maximize profit


  • Centrally located distribution facility in the Midwest
  • Strategically aligned transportation partners to ensure shipments arrive efficiently and on time
  • Flexibility on order sizes to accommodate all your needs
  • Continued focus and dedication to a positive customer experience

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