Tax Library

iQmetrix has partnered with tax service companies to give our retail clients fast, safe, and easy ways to complete and review taxes. The integrations provide much-needed automation and most importantly, peace of mind.

Operational Benefit

Eliminate errors and improve operations with Tax Services. We want to help clients properly charge, collect, and remit sales, use, and VAT taxes. Taxation can be very complicated; our software integration increases efficiency.

There is no more need for manual entry that see costly errors. Tax Services create automation in input, sales tax rate changes, and calculations. Including easy access to reporting, signature-ready returns, and the ability to avoid overpay and underpay penalities, Tax Services are ready to do all the hard work for  you.


Thomson Reuters ONESOURCE automates the entire tax process and offers an end-to-end solution from calculations to signature-ready tax returns.

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