iQmetrix and our repair partners have come together to create an integration between systems that will save you time and streamline the way you order inventory to your stores. This integration creates a seamless experience between Service & Repair vendors, RQ, and you—our repair customer.

Simply follow your current ordering process on your vendor website and place your full order. Upon checkout, our integration pulls the order information directly into RQ and creates a purchase order for you. All you have to do is await your order, login to RQ, and receive it.

Everyone benefits for different reasons


Spend more time helping customers and less time ordering product with inventory insight. When that dreaded cell phone repair is needed, your shoppers can rest assured that whatever piece they need, you've got it in stock. Let customers walk away happy, every time. 

Sales Staff

Let their confidence soar! When your repair shop has all the necessary parts, your sales staff can be sure they can get the job done. A broken device means a stressed customer, and associates can be  ready to service any type of repair that should walk in the door.


When you're on the front lines of device repair, you can't be worried about inventory ordering. Let RQ streamline the purchase order process, integrated into your current system. This means more stock, more sales, and less worry. It's vendor integration like you've never seen before. 


Injured Gadgets

Injured Gadgets is the premier cell phone, tablet, and laptop parts distributor in the North American market. Founded in 2009, Injured Gadgets has grown from providing solutions for just the iPhone 3G to over 4,000 SKUs and 300 different devices.

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Injured Gadgets

Mobile Sentrix Wholesale is a leading wireless repair parts and accessories distributor in the United States.

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MyCoolCell is based in Los Angeles, California and was established in 2000. Our evolution from a retailer to a distributor has given us the expertise and knowledge to guide our customers to success.

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The mission of ReVamp is to deliver an excellent customer experience through superior vendor relations, quality control, inventory management, and innovative design.

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Injured Gadgets

Sourcely is the only end-to-end provider for cell phone repair shops that solves their top four pain points: parts inventory and supply chain management, customer acquisition, customer retention, and new revenue opportunities.

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