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iQmetrix Partner Program FAQs


What is the iQmetrix Partner Program?

The iQmetrix Partner Program is a comprehensive and proactive marketing program that assists partners in growing their businesses around their respective service categories.

We provide the central platform that connects wireless industry OEMs, distributors and third party vendors with the wireless consumer retail channel. The iQmetrix network extends to nearly 10,000 wireless retail locations across North America, and we provide our partners a number of benefits, including access to marketing and training resources tailored to meet the needs of the different partner levels and categories.

Who is the iQmetrix Partner Program designed for?

The program is for industry leading solution and service providers interested in establishing a partnership with iQmetrix to reach additional wireless retailers and/or consumers.

Our primary value driven partnerships include direct integration into RQ4 and/or XQ, creating streamlined client experiences and maximizing usage and stickiness to the partners’ service.

Partners who need assistance in designing, developing, or testing products that integrate with iQmetrix solutions through APIs also benefit from the program. iQmetrix has also established partnerships with non-integrated services such as hardware providers and wireless retail consultants. Take a look at our Partner Directory for more information.

What is the goal of the iQmetrix Partner Program?

The iQmetrix partner program is designed to achieve two objectives:

  • To offer the best service solutions to enhance our wireless dealers’ businesses
  • To connect those services to as many of our wireless dealers as possible 

We do this by focusing on two areas: providing marketing assets and developing qualified sales leads.

Our partner program will align your competitive advantage and key service offerings with the needs of our wireless retailers and their customers. Depending on your partner category (see below) coupled with the appropriate API, your services will be fully integrated into RQ4 Intelligent Retail and XQ Interactive Retail solutions, placing your service directly in front of qualified customers.

Our partner program is also proactive – our marketing team will continuously work with your sales and marketing teams to design effective marketing campaigns resulting in better ROI on your marketing budget.

What specific partner categories are available?

iQmetrix offers the following partner categories:

  • Consumer Solutions
  • Retailer Solutions
  • Resource Partners
  • Hardware Vendors
  • Content Providers
  • Wholesale Supply Partners

View detailed Category Descriptions to determine which category best applies to your service or product.

Growing Your Business

Does iQmetrix help partners with sales leads*?

Depending on your partner category, you are encouraged to share sales leads with iQmetrix Customer Success Managers, who will then work with selected retail stores to highlight and promote your service through relevant campaigns.

iQmetrix will also coordinate any incentivized sales contests you choose to initiate with selected retailers. (*Category restrictions may apply.)

How will becoming an iQmetrix Partner increase my sales?

Partnering with iQmetrix allows your company to reach 2,000 wireless retailers, representing nearly 10,000 locations across North America.

You will also gain access to professionally-designed marketing collateral. Depending on your category and partner level, you will be provided with sponsorship opportunities for training events and conferences.

What other types of help and assistance can iQmetrix provide?

iQmetrix works with its partners to execute successful marketing campaigns. We provide resources like tailored e-mail blasts to subscribed customers, invitations to networking events, access to experienced product marketing managers and account managers, as well as opportunities to lead incentivized contests with our Customer Success Managers. 

Other brand building opportunities are available on our website, on our customer interactive portals and at industry events where appropriate co-participation and sponsorship are possible. In addition, iQmetrix has a dedicated team of sales and technical support staff, including Customer Success Managers, who will be your first point of contact with the retailers on specific marketing initiatives.  

Benefits & Expectations

Does my partnership guarantee exclusivity for territory or region?

No. However, iQmetrix will do its best to ensure no conflict arises between partners in the same category who market to the same region. If there is more than one partner within a category, iQmetrix will not favor one partner over another, but rather will present all partners to the prospective customer. 

Does iQmetrix offer more than one partner level?

Yes. The two levels are Select and Elite.

All potential partners go through a comprehensive evaluation process to ensure the best possible fit, after which they are awarded Select Partner status.

The Elite Partner status is awarded to partners offering exceptional customer service and consistent performance throughout duration of the partnership.  

Which partner program is right for me?

There are a number of factors that determine which category or partner level will best suit your product or service. Please consult our Partner Directory to get a better idea of where your service offering may fit.

What are my responsibilities as a member of the partner program?

The responsibilities for the Select and Elite level can be found here.

Regardless of their partner category or level, iQmetrix partners are expected to provide the best possible customer service to our mutual customers.

In the event of a customer issue, we expect to work with our partners to address the problem quickly, efficiently, and with integrity. We also ask that our partners be proactive in marketing to our customer base so as to collaborate with iQmetrix to develop profitable marketing campaigns. 

Next Steps

What is the iQmetrix Partner evaluation process?

Our process starts with a partner lead, which can originate from retailers, industry events, contact form and internal sources. 

This is typically followed by submitting the necessary enrollment information or moving directly to a Discovery Call with our business development team. 

If a partnership opportunity appears feasible, an NDA is signed, followed by a callback  to acquire additional background information, technical specifications, business modeling, etc. 
This process is followed by the Contract Phase, the Development Phase (if necessary), and Launch Planning.

How can I learn more about your product?

All prospective partners are welcome to schedule a demonstration of either RQ4 or XQ. General questions regarding the partner program, or on how to become an iQmetrix partner can be sent to

How do I join the iQmetrix Partner Program?

The best starting point for joining the partner program is to fill out the iQmetrix Partner Program contact form. An iQmetrix marketing manager will contact you within 1 business day.

How do I integrate my services into RQ4 and does iQmetrix use preferred technologies?

The integration process may be different for each partner and is best determined by the iQmetrix Business Development Team.

We prefer XML over SOAP based web services using SSL.

Will a partnership with iQmetrix guarantee my success in the wireless space? 

No. As much as we’d like to say it, we are NOT the golden key to wireless industry success. A profitable partnership takes ongoing effort and commitment from both parties  to reach out to the market and deliver high quality solutions. 

Partners must stay engaged and deliver a superior customer experience. 
Like a plant, partnerships must be well nurtured with plenty of water, nutrients and sunlight to reach the height of their success. Keeping with this analogy, iQmetrix does its best to provide the best possible soil to grow in this industry.