About Mobileistic

Mobileistic is a New York based Master Dealer in the wireless distribution space. Established in 2002, we have grown to become one of the largest Master Dealers for AT&T in the Tri-State area; and among the largest sellers of wireless accessories in the US. Mobileistic has achieved recognition for its growth from its Carrier partners and from Entrepreneur magazine, which recognized us as #33 in its Hot 100 list of fastest growing businesses in the US in 2008.

Mobileistic has been founded by wireless industry veterans that understand and embrace the constantly evolving nature of our industry. Our operations have been built to adapt to the varying requirements of our customers over the years, our latest iteration being a focus on accessories to increase the effectiveness of today’s multi-functional wireless communication devices.

Value Proposition

We are committed to providing the best in class value proposition to our customers, which includes offering a wide selection of products at competitive prices supported by Mobileistic’s superior customer service offering. Mobileistic is your one source for wireless accessories. We specialize in offering retailers and distributor’s relationship building, customer service, and follow through. We have physical distribution presence on the East coast at our headquarters in Hauppauge, and on the West Coast at our Brea, California facility to meet our partners’ needs.


Mobileistic's Dropship program offers a new Direct to Consumer fulfillment channel to meet consumer demands and compete with a vast online marketplace. Retailers can now leverage and reap the benefits of this program including:

Today more than ever, customers expect every product wish to be fulfilled. With Dropship, retailers now have the ability to make managing inventory and fulfilling those expectations a lot simpler.

We’re excited to provide an “Endless Aisle” experience to our clients.

Program Features:

Enhanced Product Offer

  • Reduce your carrying costs

Reduced Carrying Costs

  • Offer new products with no inventory investment or risk
  • Pay for inventory when you make a sale
  • Keep the same competitive pricing & program benefits you have today

Improved Customer Experience

  • Product choice and convenience consumers demand
  • Retailer expertise & service they can't find online
  • Exclusive selling tools to drive consumer awareness & adoption

Never Miss a Sale

  • Product solutions for every customer, always in stock


Benefits of VMI

  • Increased Inventory Turns: Helps maximize your ROI (Return on Investment)
  • Reduced Inventory Stock Outs and Inventory costs: Have the right product mix at the right time
  • Stock Balancing Privileges: Risk Free Inventory
  • Saves Time: Automated orders, reduces keying errors and lets your staff concentrate on more critical business matters, such as sales and service.
  • Dedicated VMI Team: Our Staff does all the work

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