eSecuritel is a phone insurance company dedicated to protecting all wireless devices against loss, theft, accidental damage, electrical/mechanical failure, virtual threats, and malfunction. The company’s systems integrate easily with all billing and POS platforms to provide robust data and full program support. With unparalleled protection programs that boast an effortless claims process, eSecuritel helps carriers, dealers and national retailers to reduce churn and drive revenue.

The RQ and eSecuritel integration has been a major reason for our continued success with the program. The integration creates a great customer and employee experience…. The integration has allowed us to increase enrollments each month by 20% over last year.Scott Levinson, A Wireless, COO

eSecuritel’s web-based Handset Issue Tracking System (HITS) handles program enrollment, coordinates claim fulfillment, and manages repair and replacement logistics. Real-time integration with logistics and the supply chain also optimizes revenue by tightly managing inventory.

Retailers don’t have to wait for quarterly or even monthly performance reports to drive program profitability with HITS real-time information. Store representatives and customer service agents know exactly what’s available to distribute to the customer, avoiding unpleasant surprises.

Overall, Russell Cellular was pleased to work with eSecuritel on the integration of eSecuritel with RQ. eSecuritel team members listened to our concerns and were able to offer solutions.Lori Lynch, Russell Cellular, Program Manager

We’ve got you covered. Learn more about how easy it is to integrate with RQ and eSecuritel today.

Wireless Device Protection Saves Customers Heartache and Drives Retailer Revenue

iQmetrix and eSecuritel help retailers achieve high attachment rates for mobile device protection programs.

When one retailer found its insurance program wasn’t meeting revenue objectives, it turned to eSecuritel for help. With a superior insurance product that was easier to sell, the retailer grew the program 45.7% in five months with one out of five customers adding insurance to their purchase.

A hybrid program, which allows users to exchange phones at the retail outlet or by direct ship, delivered an average take rate of 45% and growth of 4.5% month-over-month for another retailer. In less than a year, the retailer doubled the number of device holders with a protection plan and exceeded its annual target by nearly 10%. As a result, the retailer’s revenue from insurance sales has doubled.

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