EnvysionCapture, analyze, evaluate, and measure your formula for success every day.

Retailers know the experience they want their customers to have, the processes they want employees to follow, and the bottom line they expect to achieve. Envysion helps deliver on that formula with our Video Intelligence software that integrates directly with RQ.

We give you visibility into: 

  • Theft & Fraud
  • Sales Performance
  • Operations
  • Customer Experience

Our unique cloud-based video intelligence delivers real-time insights into all your locations — right at your fingertips — to ensure your team is consistently using best practices that delight customers and increases profitability at every possible opportunity.

Envysion integrates with our POS system, providing store managers with video and audio synced with every keystroke into every register transaction, gaining a fully integrated view into exactly what happened during any transaction.
- Rob Metzger, Direct of Sales Operations, 4G Wireless

Envysion Case Study

Envysion helps 4G Wireless improve security, increase sales and optimize customer service.

4G Wireless was positioned to expand, but they needed an efficient, cost-effective way to gain complete transparency into their in-store operations. What were the really successful sales reps doing differently? How could they better coach lower-performing sales reps? How could they optimize store security? And how could they ensure that every employee was delivering a consistent brand experience—every transaction, every time?

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Envysion Whitepaper: How to Maximize Wireless Sales with Video

Despite lingering economic uncertainty and slow-to-rebound consumer spending, many signs point to continued strength and ongoing growth for wireless dealers. IMS Research predicts global smartphone sales to reach more than $1 billion by 2016. In North America, iQmetrix’s State of the Wireless Industry Report revealed that almost 70% of surveyed dealers expect the industry to continue to grow over the next five years.

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