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HYLA Mobile Accepts Record Number of Trade-In Devices in September 2014

Dec 01,2014 — Allan Pulga

HYLA™ Mobile, formerly eRecyclingCorps, announced in October its largest monthly trade-in volume of 1.6 million mobile devices in September. The increased volume of trades correlated with the launch of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, and the trade-ins represented a 75% increase in month-over-month collections from last year.

HYLA Mobile accepted 1.6 million trade-in devices in September, largely due to the release of the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

“Our record trade-in volume in September demonstrates a crucial shift in the consumer mindset,” said David Edmondson, CEO of HYLA Mobile. “Carriers and consumers are beginning to understand the value and opportunities that their old devices represent not only for themselves, but also for others around the world.”

HYLA Mobile has supported both carriers and OEMs in realizing the benefits of incentivized trade-in programs, and the substantial increase in trade-ins connected with the iPhone 6 launch speaks to the traction that these programs have gained not just in the United States, but also in other established markets.

“One of our goals is to change how the mobile ecosystem thinks about its mobile devices and their value,” Edmondson said. “HYLA Mobile started by challenging the status quo. In doing this through mobile trade-in, we’re giving people around the globe a world of new opportunities that are only available when connectivity is possible.”

The millions of devices traded into HYLA Mobile are redistributed in both developed and emerging markets.

HYLA Mobile’s milestone of 1.6 million device trade-ins in one month shatters the company’s previous record of 1.3 million devices collected in June 2013. HYLA possesses the largest repository of data related to the status of returned devices, which offers unique insights. HYLA’s state-of-the-art technologies and advanced processes enable its customers to offer promotions dynamically and manage them in a real-time environment.

The millions of devices that have been collected through HYLA Mobile’s carrier and retail in-store programs are redistributed in both developed and emerging markets. These devices are crucial in bridging the digital divide as they offer consumers access to high-quality devices for a lower cost, providing digital connectivity and creating opportunities around the world.

HYLA would like to take this opportunity to thank all of its carrier and dealer partners for such a successful September. Happy trading!

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iQmetrix Awards 2014 'Females in Technology' Scholarship to Jennifer Cabral

Nov 12,2014 — Allan Pulga

iQmetrix FIT representative Melissa Kendall presents the 2014 FIT Scholarship to Jennifer Cabral

WINNIPEG, MB - Nov. 12, 2014 - iQmetrix was pleased to present its first-ever Females in Technology Scholarship to 2014 recipient Jennifer Cabral on Saturday, Nov. 8, as part of a Girls Learning Code event in Winnipeg.

Jennifer, a 2nd-year Computer Science student at the University of Manitoba, won the $2,500 scholarship by writing an essay answering the question: How to Get More Women Interested in Computer Science. Read Jennifer's winning essay

The iQmetrix Females in Technology (FIT) committee selected Jennifer because her essay outlined meaningful and actionable ways to increase girls' and women's interest in computer science, says iQmetrix FIT co-founder Melissa Kendall (pictured above-left, with Jennifer).

"A lot of Jennifer's suggestions were things we, as a group, were trying to do," says Kendall. "In some cases, Jennifer suggested things we were already doing, like the Girls Learning Code event we hosted on Saturday. We felt it made sense to present Jennifer with the scholarship at the event, because we consider her a great role model for the girls in attendance, and for any girl interested in a career in technology.

"On behalf of the FIT committee and iQmetrix as a whole we would like to congratulate Jennifer and wish her the best in her career."

Founded in 2013, iQmetrix FIT is devoted to seeking opportunities to support women in technology and assisting in (or creating) opportunities to promote females in technology. The group is also committed to promoting Computer Science to all youth. iQmetrix FIT has six members (3 women; 3 men) out of iQmetrix's Winnipeg office.

To learn more about iQmetrix FIT, the annual FIT scholarship, or Ladies/Girls Learning Code events, please email fit@iQmetrix.com.

Media Contact:

Allan Pulga
Manager, Communications
Phone: 604.551.9907
Email: AllanP@iQmetrix.com

About iQmetrix:

At iQmetrix, we are passionate about retail. Our purpose is to create great experiences for retailers, their employees and the end consumer. Our products bridge the gap between physical and virtual retail channels, offering the latest in retail management and customer experience technology. XQ Interactive Retail brings elements of online and mobile shopping experiences into the physical store to engage and educate shoppers during the purchase process. RQ Retail Management is a complete system for managing all aspects of a store chain operation, including POS, ERP, inventory and HR. When integrated specifically for wireless retailers, XQ and RQ allow users to effectively manage back-of-house operations and the in-store customer experience. Founded in 1999, iQmetrix is a privately-held software as a service (SaaS) company with offices in Canada, the U.S. and Australia. www.iQmetrix.com

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Making lots of money not the only thing motivating today's workers

Nov 03,2014 — Allan Pulga

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iQmetrix ranked 41st fastest-growing company in B.C. in 2014

Sep 15,2014 — Allan Pulga

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Various Coverage for 6-Month North American Smartphone Sales Infographic

Jun 17,2014 — Allan Pulga

Huffington Post Canada (June 16): BlackBerry Still More Popular Than iPhone In This Canadian City

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iQmetrix Releases Sales Stats for Most Popular Mobile Phones in North America [INFOGRAPHIC]

Jun 09,2014 — Allan Pulga

VANCOUVER, BC — June 9, 2014 — iQmetrix, the leading provider of retail management software for the North American wireless industry, today released statistics on the phones sold in North America (U.S. and Canada) in the past six months (December 2013-May 2014).

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Various Coverage for Galaxy S5 Launch Sales Infographic

Apr 25,2014 — Allan Pulga

Yahoo News (April 23): Galaxy S5 Has Stronger Launch than iPhone 5s (Report)

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iQmetrix Releases Sales Stats for Galaxy S5 Launch Weekend [INFOGRAPHIC]

Apr 18,2014 — Allan Pulga

VANCOUVER, BC – April 18, 2014 – iQmetrix, the leading provider of retail management software for the North American wireless industry, today released sales statistics from the new Samsung Galaxy S5's launch weekend (Friday, April 11 to Sunday, April 13).

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The future of shopping

Mar 26,2014 — Allan Pulga

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How bricks-and-mortar stores are looking more and more like physical websites

Mar 19,2014 — Allan Pulga

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