At iQmetrix, we’re powering a significant shift in retail – a shift that’s helping retailers redefine the in-store experience. Our platform-built endless aisle and POS solutions currently power over 18,000 retail locations and counting.

It’s time to grow beyond narrowly focusing on the purchase and move towards providing customers with great experiences at every touchpoint. Basic bricks will no longer cut it.

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Enjoy a sneak peek of why we're excited to help redefine retail at NRF 2017.



iQmetrix Endless Aisle is an interactive touchscreen that completes the in-store piece of the omnichannel puzzle allowing you to consistently tell your story across all channels. 

Samsung Launches Endless Aisle to Complete Their Omnichannel Experience

See how Samsung and their retail partners use endless aisle to make sure their customers get every item that they want. iQmetrix Endless Aisle integrates directly with their POS to ensure a seamless transaction.


Optimize retail space to not only keep your store looking sleek and organized but to open it up to further experiential possibilities.

Offer more and never miss a sale by bringing your online content and product selection together in-store. Deliver a one-two punch with Endless Aisle and iQmetrix Dropship. Learn More.

Empower sales staff by keeping them current on detailed product info, increasing their opportunities to engage customers and ultimately, sell more. 

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We support any path to purchase. Whether it’s notifying a sales rep, sending a cart to your POS, facilitating self-checkout or providing the customer with a mobile takeaway. 

To complete your interactive retail experience, we also offer digital signage to attract and engage your customers. Relieve your marketing team’s headaches by giving them the tools to centrally manage and deploy content. Learn More.

On the back end, our products are managed with iQmetrix Hub. Control in-store and online content from one central command center and push it out to all locations instantly. Monitor location analytics and easily adjust content based on specific regions.



iQmetrix POS empowers retailers to reimagine new possibilities with a POS system built on a omnichannel-ready, open platform. iQmetrix POS is designed to help you simplify your workflow to enable streamlined core operations and put valuable metrics to use for better decision making. Open APIs allow you to easily connect existing or future systems and enables you to deliver a truly unified experience to your customers.

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Deploy new services seamlessly. Our modular APIs give you the flexibility you won’t get in a lifetime of yoga classes. Choose exactly what fits your business needs and integrate your current systems (such as e-commerce or POS) and other business applications with ease.

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Before iQmetrix Endless Aisle, Samsung has had to rely on third party retailers to tell their brand story and was constantly forced to give up peg space for an extensive line of fast changing technologies. See how they’re using Endless Aisle to now extend that story and full product range.


DSW has always struggled to give up expensive in-store real estate for new product categories. Today, they’re able to solve that dilemma by using iQmetrix Endless Aisle to bridge their in-store experience with their online product range.

tentree is a brand built entirely in the e-commerce world. They’re now looking to bridge their strong digital story and authenticity into the physical in-store experience. At NRF, we’ll show you how they can do it.


Fancy technology is cool and all but what can it tell you about your customers? Our visual data analytics gathers data from your POS, Endless Aisle and other in-store and online solutions to paint a clear picture of what’s happening in your retail operations.


Interested in customizing your very own, ridiculously fast electric car? Maybe learning how to surf has always been on your bucket list? You can do both at NRF! Using iQmetrix Endless Aisle, 360 video and GearVR, we’ve created an interactive experience to illustrate how customers can explore and customize products based on their own personal interests. Come give it a try!


NRF can be an overwhelming zoo of new retail technology and ideas. We’ve got you covered. Coffee? Yup. Donuts? Pretty sure it’s illegal to have coffee without donuts. Booze? You bet… it’s rough out there.

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