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What's New in the Q: Week of Sept. 21 | iQmetrix

By People and Culture Sep 25, 2015

On Friday, Sept. 11, iQmetrix participated in the 8th Annual Juke Box Mania. The annual event is hosted by Family Service Regina, a community-based agency assisting local families through counselling, education, support services and advocacy within a context of systemic change.

Juke Box Mania, an evening of music trivia in a game show-type format, is FSR’s primary fundraising event, allowing them to continue to provide programming and support services to the community throughout the year. iQmetrix is not only an Executive Producer co-sponsor of the event, we also had many volunteers who helped out in the planning and delivery of the event. A number of iQers competed in the event as well (pictured above). It was a great success: 369 participants (up from 235 last year) helped raise an amazing $34,000 for FSR.


At the weekly “Clam bake” in the Davidson office (pictured above), staff learned some useful and some not so useful trivia. For example: Did you know ants do not sleep? Women blink twice as many times at men do? And instead of finding the Loch Ness Monster, scientists found over 100,000 golf balls in the loch in 2012. There’s always something fun to learn on Tuesdays.



 On Sept. 16, a group of eight iQers volunteered at the W.R.E.N.C.H (Winnipeg Repair, Education and Cycling Hub) - see above photo. They spent the morning disassembling bikes that had been dumped at the Brady Landfill, so all the good parts could be salvaged and rebuilt into new bikes for the community. Just before leaving they let them try out some silly bicycles (pictured right).

On Friday, Sept. 18, Chad Kipling hosted a pancake fundraiser in support of the Terry Fox Run. There were blueberry and chocolate chip pancakes, as well as bacon, and mimosas! The event raised $281.25 that iQ matched, bringing Chad’s fundraising up to a total of $562.50! It was a great end to the week!

In the Vancouver office, we were overdue for another fun food day. Inspired by a local food truck specializing in fancy grilled cheese, a few iQers started debating on what exactly makes up a perfect version of the sandwich. It needed to be settled somehow, so of course this then led to a Costco run, a vat of tomato soup and more white bread and cheddar than you’ve probably consumed in your lifetime.


Nothing fancy or complicated, just straight up grilled cheese. The deal was a minimum donation of $5 gets you 2 sandwiches and a mug of soup to dip in, with all leftover proceeds going to charity. We washed it down with some beer and wine, and needless to say it was a pretty great afternoon at iQ Vancouver.

September/25, 2015


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