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What's New in the Q: Week of Oct. 12

By People and Culture Oct 16, 2015

October is a month full of festivities and in Vancouver, we wasted no time diving into an office-wide challenge! Collaborating with different product and dev teams, iQers worked together and transformed the 12th floor into an 11-hole miniature golf course.

Rules were simple and true to our SLICCE values: Every team member had to be involved and the hole had to constructed from recycled or reused materials. No money could be spent on design materials. The real competition was in the engineering behind each hole.


Some had music or personalized graphics, some had complimentary snacks to munch on and, in true dev-inspired fashion, one team even implemented “Google Cardboard” VR glasses, where you can see yourself in third person, playing the actual hole. Involving some of the most passionate, innovative and competitive individuals working at iQmetrix, our course had everything from the classic ball-return to virtual putt-putt. 

The game was followed by an online voting system to determine The Best / Most Creative Hole. This resulted in a victorious pizza lunch for our eCommerce team with their epic “hole-return” (shown above, left). Congrats to our mini-golf champs!


U_of_R_career_fair.jpgOn Sept. 30, iQmetrix participated in the UBC career fair (above) as well as at the U of R career fair on Sept. 28 (below).

The turnout at both events was considerable and some great talent came out to meet us! As a result, we've been able to set up some interviews and already recruited one new employee thus far!

We had a lot of visitors to our booths chatting with the staff that attended and there was an all-around good level of interest in who we are and what we are about which any iQer is always happy to share.

During the week of Oct. 5, the People and Culture team came together (pictured below) for a successful Strategic Planning session.

The team was in breakouts and brainstorming sessions by day, talking about priorities and milestones, as well as planning for 2016 initiatives. They also welcomed their newest team member: Jessica Watson (below, second from right). Jessica is best known for her work as an iQ developer; she'll be able to provide perspective and insight relative to developers and the work they do at iQ.


For a few P & C members, this was a first-time planning session. It was both a great learning experience for them and also allowed all team members to get to know each other better.

iQ Winnipeg has been busy making alliances, plotting and deceiving one another during the iQGames!


The games consist of team challenges and one tribute challenge every two weeks. The challenges promote team building, and giving back.


Right now the iQJunkDrawer team is dominating the competition, but by the looks of the current team challenge, “Coin Wars,” the Insufferables may snag the lead and will get the opportunity to donate the money raised to their charity of choice!


At our clambake this week, iQ Charlotte staff separated into teams and had to work together to build the highest structure with the following items:  20 pieces of spaghetti, 1 yard of tape, 1 yard of string and 1 marshmallow.


The only instructions were as follows: The marshmallow must sit on top; the structure must stand on its own; and it must be completed in 18 minutes.


Take-home message: Most people rush into projects without planning upfront, without considering the weight of the marshmallow being added at the end, and without realizing that for spaghetti, a marshmallow is really heavy. to hold up.

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