What's New in the Q: Week of May 9

By People and Culture May 13, 2016


Regina is officially moved into our new digs and the construction is now completed. To celebrate we hosted a grand opening party. 200+ guests came by to check out our beautiful new space, have a pint and enjoy some delicious food from our friends at The Capitol. We had six of our community partners come and set up booths around the office to talk to our guests and employees about what they work on, how they give back to the community and what we can do to participate. The grand opening featured a champagne fountain, ribbon cutting ceremony, and ended with an iQ-only after party featuring a DJ and, of course, pizza. We couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate the opening of the new office and we feel like our employees and guests had an amazing time!




iQWinnipeg hosted their first ever, internal open house. All teams set up a booth to display what they’ve been working on, demoing products and offering food and bevvies. iQers toured around the office, meeting some of the new faces in the office and getting their iQWinnipeg passports stamped. Our new co-op, Colin Dignazio, won our frequent flyer prize by having the most stamps in his passport which he received by visiting the most booths. Team Mufasa also won best booth prize for having engaging Queuing and Digital Signage demos as well as a wide selection of treats including homemade spinach dip, and tater tots!



Vancouver_salesmeeting.jpegThis week Vancouver held our annual RQ workshop, hosted by Adam Wiebe and Jeff McLeod from our Regina office. The pair of iQer’s teamed up to facilitate two full days of client training sessions all around ways to maximize RQ. With a heavy agenda planned, some of the topics included were: executive and finance training and reports and inventory best practices.

Among catered meals and an offsite cocktail hour, some other information that was touched on included: best practices for individual RQ Modules, Sales Management Training on utilizing RQ’s operations and Marketing Modules, and identifying the areas in which you can improve and make the best use of RQ. Whether the clients are new to iQmetrix, an experienced user, have single or multiple locations, they are provided an educational program to walk away fully equipped.


The last two clambakes in Davidson have been amazing -- team building at its best!

Two weeks ago, Teresa split the group into four teams. With each table tilted in one direction, there were two horseshoes placed on the table, one on either side. Each team member had to push a ping pong ball out of one horseshoe into the other without touching the ball, literally blowing the ping pong ball out of one horseshoe into the other. Not as easy as it may sound. The two teams that successfully moved all the ping pong balls from one side of the table to the other competed in a game called Pong Tac Toe. The first team to get three in a row of water filled glasses wins.

This past Tuesday, Denice gave us a really difficult challenge. With a board having one nail hammered in the center, we had to figure out how to balance another 14 nails on the one nail without the 14 touching the board. We broke into teams to brainstorm how to accomplish this task. We had the awesome opportunity to work together coming up with solutions to problems, have fun laughing at the silly game we played, and hear how onsites, events, or meetings went.