What's New in the Q: Week of Mar. 7

By People and Culture Mar 11, 2016
iQmetrix Winnipeg Grilled Cheese Fundraiser


iQWinnipeg hosted a Grilled Cheese & Soup Fundraiser last week, in support of the Waters family’s Go Fund Me campaign. We managed to raise $430.00 for the cause. It was a record-setting fundraiser with 46 people who signed up to donate and eat!


On Saturday, March 5, a group of iQers and some spouses headed out to the Assiniboine Memorial Curling Club. Michelle Wiens from the Winnipeg office started out the day teaching us the basics, and shortly after, split us into 4 teams. Before we knew it, we were actually “curling” or attempting to in some cases. Skill levels varied, bruises were formed, and fun was had by all! Look out for team iQmetrix in the 2018 Winter Olympics! (Okay, maybe not...)


The Managed Services Team held their annual strategic planning session in the Charlotte office February 24-26. The team welcomed Business Intelligence (BI) as a new business group to the Managed Service Team. The two teams discussed how they can efficiently and seamlessly work as one team and a business unit, and created new processes that helped streamline the BI group. 


During that time, they created team commitments and made great goals for Q2, Q3 and Q4. 2016 is going to be an exciting time in Managed Services! After all of that planning, the group went out to have a little fun over lunch and bowling. Cheers!


Things in the Regina office are very busy! We are two weeks away from being in our much-anticipated Regina_New_Office_3.jpgbrand new space and people couldn’t be more excited. In our current space, we are busy getting things cleaned up, taken down, labeled, and everything in between! 

In the new space, there are a lot of things going on there as well. New pods are going up, painting and
flooring are coming along very nicely and so many of the small but important details are coming together. Each visit provides a closer look into the finished product. 

2221 Cornwall Street has been our home for many years. It’s home to countless memories, great experiences, business successes, friendships and so much more. Moving to our new location will allow us to continue to build on all of those things as well as make new memories, continue to create great experiences and provide the same to our customers.

Pack your boxes folks and we’ll see you on the flip side!

Regina_New_Office.jpg Regina_New_Office_2.jpg


At iQmetrix, we value community, whether that means giving back externally or taking care of our own. In support of a resident iQer during a difficult time, the Vancouver office pulled off the ultimate taco fundraiser including everything from beef and cheese to guacamole. Each taco sold for $2.50 or 3 for $5.00 which resulted in a whopping $915 after just one lunch! Everyone was lined up and coming back for seconds.



After such a great success, we weren’t about to stop the fun there. Today we put on a second four-part fundraiser combining all our favourite social pastimes: beer, food and of course, gaming.

Our staff are not shy to a little friendly competition and got ramped up for a $5-entry Mario Kart tournament. Bystanders participated in a bottle swap and $2 samosa sale, as well as had the option to enter a 50/50 raffle for multiple prizes and swag to win with all proceeds going to our Office Administrator's GoFundMe goal.