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What's New in the Q: Week of July 20

By People and Culture Jul 20, 2015

What's New in the Q: Week of July 20 | iQmetrix

Rob Tetlock (pictured above) organized a Unibroue beer and cheese pairing tasting for the Winnipeg office. For $10, we were able to sample nine different kinds of Unibroue beer and gourmet cheeses.

Winnipeg’s Ultimate Frisbee team, The Disc Pics (shown below), has started off another season. Even with three losses and zero wins so far, it has been a great time. We’re hoping for a big win next Monday when we play the Deadliest Catch!


The very latest and most exciting news coming out of Regina was the unveiling of the much anticipated floor plan (below) for the new Regina office!

Come Dec. 31, 2015, iQ Regina’s new address will be 1801 Hamilton Street! We will be occupying units 610 and 700. What's more is the outside the building will feature shiny new iQmetrix signage so everyone will know who and where we are!


As part of the E in SLICCE, the Davidson office has made strides towards reducing our carbon footprint. With Professional Services training hosted at this location throughout the year, Davidson has invested in Made in the USA Fiesta dishware for clients to use when attending any of our informative sessions. A dishwasher (see below photos) has been installed too. Notice the lovely colors?


Last weekend, a couple of different groups from the Vancouver office took advantage of the beautiful weather we've been having and ventured out on some camping trips!


One group headed whitewater rafting in the Fraser Valley. There was some karaoke, live music, dancing, campfire chats AND sm’Oreos: yes, roasted marshmallows between two halves of an Oreo cookie (patent pending). The overnight trip included several hours of rafting on AA rapid route (pictured above), camping, meals and of course, plenty of iQ shenanigans.


The second group of iQers met early in the morning for a 2.5-hour hike amidst beautiful views of Cheakamus Lake. They spent the afternoon cooling off in the glacial lake, playing volleyball, and kicking back at their awesome campsite right on the water well into the evening (see above photo).

July/24, 2015


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