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What's New in the Q: Week of Aug. 10

By People and Culture Aug 13, 2015
What's New in the Q: Week of Aug. 10 | iQmetrix

iQers from our Regina and Winnipeg offices recently "met in the middle" and went camping at Riding Mountain National Park (group photo above). It was a nice weekend of hiking, relaxing, getting in touch with nature... oh and witnessing double rainbows (below).


The Charlotte office is growing! It’s a record month for us here in beautiful Davidson, N.C. We have three new hires for August. Kim Callaway (left) is the newest member of our Managed Services team. Lauren Wilmsen (right) joins us as a BI Specialist. Knic Ebel will be starting next week, serving as our Technical Project Manager. Warm welcomes all around!!

This week, the Vancouver office minimized waste by switching to a more environmentally friendly source of coffee!

After raising concerns regarding the disposal of the non-recyclable pods, we decided to do some research and found that “in 2013, Keurig Green Mountain produced 8.3 billion K-Cups — enough to circle the Earth 10.5 times. (In 2014, output shot up to 9.8 billion portion packs.)”

Now we're customers of WA2! We traded in our Keurig for an industrial brewing machine (shown below), reducing our carbon footprint while supporting local retailers and roasters.



The iQ FIT committee gave out their second annual Females in Technology Scholarship to Esther Peters (pictured below, right, with our Melissa Kendall). Esther a self-taught programmer who is now taking computer science at the University of Manitoba. Ester received $1,000 from iQmetrix to use towards her continued education!


Winnipeg's Folklorama is the largest and longest-running multicultural festival of its kind in the world. It’s a celebration of different cultures where you can see world-class entertainment, savour authentic food and get a glimpse of beautiful cultural displays.


Our very own Ted Cruz (QA Analyst, Integrations - pictured above) was the ambassador for the Portuguese Pavilion, where he welcomed guests with great hospitality and even showcased a couple of traditional Portuguese dances!

August/13, 2015

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