What's New in the Q: Week of Apr. 4

By People and Culture Apr 08, 2016


Winnipeg iQer – Miles McEnery volunteers and is on the board for the West Broadway Youth Outreach, a local organization geared towards providing a safe, fun and caring environment where children are provided opportunities to learn and grow. Since it was spring break in Winnipeg last week, Miles planned a half day event that allowed some of the kids to tour the iQmetrix Winnipeg office, receive some interactive demonstrations of what we do and show them how software development works in a modern setting.

The kids then got to participate in a hands on activity, using the Lego, Serious Play series. The activity helped them better understand the software development process and how it involves different team members performing different roles. The kids also enjoyed a pizza lunch and some other snacks. It was a fun and informative day and an awesome way for them to spend part of their spring break!


Well, we finally did it!

iQmetrix Regina has finally made it into our new digs! Over the Easter long weekend a wonderful crew of volunteers came together to get the new office up and running in order for everyone to come in to work on the following Monday morning. 

It was a lot of hard work with hours ranging from a couple all the way to 23 but everyone had fun and did their part in helping out.

Though we are now moved in, there is still a bit of work being done to get all of the finishing touches taken care of but every day something is done and there are new things to look at.


Vancouver is proud to present our newest iQmetrix addition, our ThinkTank!

The ThinkTank, located in historic Gastown, is our home away from home, just 10 minutes down the road from our corporate office. Local iQers have already jumped at their first chance to book the new meeting space; a quiet getaway to buckle down and focus solo or in collaboration with their team.

In complete contrast to our traditional, sleek and modern design, this space is made up of exposed brick and beams throughout an open concept meeting room and our very own customizable ‘mock-up store.’ This gives our team the opportunity to show potential clients a demo of our products featuring their brand.


2016 Partner Training was hosted April 4th and 5th in our Davidson office. We kicked off the two day event by including our partners in the traditional Tuesday morning Davidson office clambake. (Don’t worry, we didn’t have them carrying cotton balls on their noses using Vaseline!). After the ice was broken, we kicked off into our training agenda which included presentations from Alen and Garret on Sparklab, Megan Howse presented our 2016 Partner Program and Joanne Helm demoed Endless Aisle and Dropship. 20160406_130417.jpg

In addition to the general sessions we also structured in breakout sessions, which was a well-received change we made to the agenda last year. The breakout sessions included a deeper dive with the technical team, 1:1 with Partner Marketing Managers and learning how to draw toast (www.drawtoast.com).  

Of course, what is an iQmetrix event without the “F” word…don’t be alarmed, we certainly managed to schedule in some fun too!  Quickly becoming the tradition of Partner Training, we again hired captain Bryan Brady with Yachta Yachta Yachta for a dinner cruise on Lake Norman.  We will be sending a survey to our partners to gather their feedback, but judging from the hugs, jokes, compliments, energy and adult beverages that have been free flowing the past 2 days, I feel pretty confident in saying that we created some pretty kick ass experiences for our partners this week. 

Thank you to all of our internal team members that made this event possible:  Megan Howse, Zoran Kovacevic, Maurice Thibodeau, Teresa Vanderveen, Kennedy Oddo, Sarah Tuff, Dean Lalchun, Dennis Loktionov, Lauren Wilmsen, Eric Stachowski, Tori Dundas, Joanne Helm, Leigh Ann Castellano and the entire NC Staff for their hospitality.