Jingle Bell Time, It's a Swell Time (in the Q)

By People and Culture Dec 16, 2016

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It’s hard to believe that it’s already the middle of December, but with all the snow on the ground it’s starting to feel like Christmas out there!

In the spirit of giving, several iQers volunteered their time at the 30th Annual CBC Food Bank Drive on December 6th. We were on the phones all day receiving donations from all over the province and at closing had raised an astounding total of $780,347.00!! This was a record amount for their event, and particularly rewarding as the need at food banks is greater than ever. To see more details about this event take a peek at the CBC website here.

This past Friday the Vancouver office celebrated in style at our annual holiday party. Held at The Diamond Ballroom, the night was packed with entertainment from slideshows and awards, to, dinner and dancing. We were fortunate to have Camilo The Magician entertain us with his exciting card tricks on stage, and then one on one as he made his way through the crowd. Afterwards, DJ Colette from GirlOnWax had us dancing the night away to some of our favorite songs from the 80’s and beyond. One thing’s for sure, even during a snowpocalypse we Vancouverites sure know how to party!!



IMG_4349.jpgWe hosted our annual iQKids Christmas party a few weeks ago. The kids participated in sugar cookie decorating, face painting, Christmas carols, and of course meeting SANTA! Everyone received a special gift from Santa and got their photo taken. It was a great afternoon full of food, fun and festivities! Thank you to our very special guest Santa for making a celebrity appearance.

Nominations have started flooding in for the annual iQee Awards. The iQees are employee nominated awards given out to iQers at the annual holiday parties each year. Awards that iQers can be nominated for include, The Community Care Bear Award, The Social Butterfly Award, Killin’ it 2016, along with seven others. One award given out each year is “Rookie of the Year”. iQWinnipeg’s rookies took the title very seriously this year. Many went on a campaign trail for themselves, formed committees, got supporters, and some even took the opportunity to present a 1 minute speech at our monthly Town Hall to try to sway the votes. We are all very excited to see what the results are at Friday’s holiday party!


December is a jolly month in the Regina office, and this year was no different. The month started out with our annual tree trimming, where we asked employees to come help decorate the Christmas tree while enjoying some rum and eggnog, and of course, copious amounts of baked goods.

We also had our annual holiday party and it was amazing! We tested our the waters on a theme, and did our first iQ White Party. We asked everyone to incorporate at least one element of white into their outfit, and then we completely transformed our local university bar, The Owl, with drapery, lighting, Christmas trees, greenery, and gold accents. We had amazing food throughout the night, lots of great drinks, and a ton of fun! Also, a shout out to all of the winners of our iQee Awards. It has been an amazing year and we can't wait to see what 2017 has to bring the Regina Office!



Unknown-7.jpegThe Holidays are always a busy time of the year but also the best time of the year to celebrate. Our annual Christmas party was held on December 2nd aboard a private yacht charter on Lake Norman. The weather was beautiful, and there were lots of houses decorated for the holidays. The yacht was amazing with its lower level decorated with a Christmas tree and lights and the photo booth that everyone enjoyed. The upper level had the bar and the most amazing bartenders who took great care of all our guests. We had an Asian themed dinner that was absolutely delicious. The iQee award ceremony was a huge hit, many well deserving employees received the treasured iQee award cup. We danced, we drank, we laughed and we photo bombed lots of pictures. It was a perfect night. 

With a donation from the sponsorship committee, we were able to shop for those families in need of some support this year. We purchased 12 gifts to support Toys for Tots. Ages range from 18 months to 16 years old, boys and girls alike. Thanks iQmetrix for allowing us the opportunity to help those in need.

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