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What is iQmetrix?

By Nevin Danielson Apr 07, 2011

What is iQmetrix?

There are a number of different clues you can look at to learn about iQmetrix. You can look at our industry-leading and boundary pushing products like our cell phone store POS, RQ, to know we’re committed to excellence. You can look at our track record of helping clients succeed to know we’re committed to results. You can look at our stated purpose and our values to know that we’re an organization that holds itself to a high standard, both as a community member and as an organization. You can take a look at measures of our growth and employee surveys to know we’re operating at a high level of effectiveness.

If you look hard enough, you’ll find one other clue. This one, however, is an apparent lack of information. It’s not in some document or press release. It’s really hard to find iQmetrix describing itself. That’s because, well, iQmetrix is humble. We know we’re not finished. We’re still growing and developing.

On the topic of iQmetrix, however, I’m not particularly interested in being humble. Not today, anyway. I’m proud of my colleagues and this organization, and I’d like to tell you about some of the characteristics and values that help define the environment at iQmetrix.

We have a limitless confidence in our employees.

It starts with a letter of offer. From the moment you become an iQer, your judgment is trusted. Everyone has perspective that’s needed, valued and respected. It’s this combined knowledge and perspective that is at the core of our innovation.

We are open to ideas.

At iQmetrix, there’s a shared understanding that our future is in ideas that we haven’t yet expressed. If you have spent any time in the workforce, you’re familiar with the typical defensive posture of your colleagues. The common refrains are “that will take too long,” and “it’s unproven!” Others ask, “Why change when the status quo keeps pumping out your paycheck?” Not at iQmetrix.

We are adaptable.

We make plans as well as the next organization. We are unique in that we are unafraid to go off-plan and do what’s right.

We’re passionate about examining boundaries – both as individuals and as a company.

There’s a bootstrapping, pioneering, entrepreneurial mindset that exists in iQmetrix. Pushing your comfort zone and discovering what you and your colleagues are capable of is common practice. It’s a journey of discovery that has me popping out of bed before my alarm each morning… unless we have too much of the next one:

We have fun.

Combine all of these characteristics and you’ve got a group of wickedly smart, passionate people who trust each other and are committed to each other’s success. That’s a recipe for deep friendships and lasting memories.

One last thing.

There’s a lot of talk in our organization about Neil Pasricha’s Three A’s of Awesome. Neil is the author of The Book of Awesome and the host of a pretty phenomenal TED talk (a favorite office website, BTW). The three A’s are Awareness, Attitude and Authenticity. As an organization, we feel a close connection to those elements. iQmetrix is a place that invites you to explore your awareness and attitude and discover your authenticity. It’s key to our success.

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