Usernames Updated in RQ Version 4.14

Aug 05, 2013 — Jacquie Foster

Starting in version 4.14, there will be a new addition across the RQ and mobile solutions that will affect the login procedure for all users. The change in question is the migration from an employee name based login towards a unique username instead.

Why are we doing this?

  1. To give companies the ability to allow for duplicate employee names going forward (e.g. 2 employees at the same company named John Smith).
  2. This is the first step towards having one set of user credentials across all iQmetrix solutions (e.g. Same user name and password for RQ4 and BI).

What is changing?

Logging into any RQ product will require a Username instead of the employee name we have typically used. When the update to 4.14 takes place, RQ will be generating a username behind the scenes which will be the required for login. Any new employees created in 4.14 will have their usernames auto-populated when the employee is created.

How do the new usernames work?

The format used for the auto-generated usernames will be the current employee name with all spaces replaced by a period. Examples of this are as follows:

  • “John Smith” will become “John.Smith”
  • “Jane W Doe” would become “Jane.W.Doe”
  • “Joe M. Johnson” would become “Joe.M..Johnson”

What if employees don’t like their username?

Usernames can be changed in the Employee Profile and can be customized to any unique username for that database. They mimic password security so that an employee can set their own username but they cannot edit another person’s username unless they could also administer their account.

What can I put in a username?

Usernames may contain letters, numbers as well as periods and underscores. Other special characters or accented letters are not allowed in a username.

How will clients know what to do?

When logging into RQ4, we have added in a validation message that provides instructions to the user regarding their user name. In the event that they attempt to log in without correcting the username, they will get the same message repeatedly to ensure they are informed regarding the change they must make.


When will this change happen?

We are doing this when people update to version 4.14.

For more information, please call the iQmetrix Support Line 1.888.888.8170 or contact us via email

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