Use QR Codes as an Extension of Your Corporate Identity

Jul 13, 2011 — Nancy Yu Wen Sun

Unless you've been living under a rock, QR codes are finding their way into your day-to-day life.  If you have been unfortunate enough to be trapped under a rock, a quick response (QR) code is a two dimensional code that can be scanned and read by smartphone cameras to transfer information. The information can then be encoded to text, add a vCard contact, open a URL, or much more.

So, what are the latest spaces QR codes have been appearing in?  Business cards.  Webdesigner Depot recently posted an article highlighting some creative, and frankly... beautiful examples of how QR codes have been incorporated into business cards. In their article, they take us through some stunning examples.  

While some may find it difficult to imagine this 2D digital "mole" looking pretty, these examples of creative QR code business cards may change a person's mind.  The great thing about a QR code on your business card is that with a click of a smartphone camera, another person receiving a card is instantly able to connect to more information about the creator; information that may not have been able to fit on a small business card.  Think of it as an extension of yourself.  These also serve as inspiration of our own iQmetrix business cards that we're currently in the process of redesigning.   

If you are interested in creating your own QR code, there are many solutions available on the web for free. zxing is a good place to start. They allow you to really tailor your QR code to deliver contact details, maps to your location, links to your website, amongst other cool things.

Topics: Retail Operations, Mobile Industry, Retail Marketing

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