Uber to Launch E-Commerce Delivery Program This Fall

Sep 08, 2015 — Allan Pulga

Re/code reported last week (Sept. 4) Uber is planning a partnership announcement with "big retailers and fashion brands that could number in the dozens," which would use Uber as an express delivery option for e-commerce customers.

"Two people familiar with the rollout say it will start in New York City and include among its partnerships some flashy, luxury brands whose flagship stores are usually found on or around Fifth Avenue in Manhattan," wrote Re/code's Jason Del Rey. "Partnerships with retailers in San Francisco will be announced at the same time or soon after, another source said. It’s not clear which specific retailers and brands will be included in the initial launch."

We've blogged in the past about Postmates doing deliveries for Starbucks, or DoorDash doing them for 7-Eleven, but for something to work across multiple retailers and brands will be a lot more significant, not to mention of great interest to companies looking to lead in the e-commerce delivery space, namely Amazon (with its Prime and Prime Now delivery options) and Google.

In fact, Engadget reported today that Google is testing fresh food deliveries in two U.S. cities this year: San Francisco and another city that remains unnamed.

Topics: Retail Operations, Wireless Trends, e-Commerce

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