TracPoint: Serialized Coupons for All Your Digital Marketing

Jun 02, 2014 — Guest Contributor

-- TracPoint integrates serialized barcodes for coupons into all digital marketing, including TracPoint Apps and Trac-Mail Email Marketing. --

TracPoint, the innovator in trackable customer base marketing, has expanded serialized barcode functionality into their digital marketing. You can now send your customers digital coupon offers with the confidence of eliminating potential fraud. Every coupon has a unique serial number and barcode that can be integrated directly back into your RQ system.

Increase the tracking on your marketing to prove ROI. Serialized coupon functionality is available in TracPoint Apps, Trac-Mail Email Marketing, and all direct mail products.

Ways you can use serialized coupons include:

  • Referral Programs (in App): Incorporate a referral program with serialized coupons into your mobile app. Give every customer that loads your app the ability to quickly send out a personalized message with a unique serialized coupon to their friends or family.
  • Thank You’s: Thank and reward your customers for purchasing from you. Send accessory and referral offers with serialized coupons.
  • Upgrades: Reach your upgrade-eligible customers with discount coupons redeemable only at your stores. Run the TracPoint Marketing Report right inside RQ for all your customer lists.
  • Seasonal Campaigns: Send out personalized marketing material with serialized coupons during peak buying periods.
  • Promotional Campaigns: Do you have a store event or weekend promotion coming up? Send out serialized coupons with predetermined expiration dates for easy implementation.

Note: TracPoint’s Digital Marketing is 100% Verizon Coop Approved and Designed, Developed & Published within 4-6 weeks for Apple, Android & Mobile Web.

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