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A Guide to Guideshops: The Pros & Cons of A New Retail Experience

We often look at purchasing options with a two-dimensional focus: either the physical, brick and mortar stores or the online, e-tailer. As consumer demand has changed, many brands have moved to strategies that include both physical and online stores.

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Amazon’s Private Clothing Initiative Could Disrupt the Whole Industry

By now, you've probably heard of Amazon's not-so-secret plan to dominate the apparel market. Amazon has recently launched 7 private fashion labels that sell a range of mid-priced apparel and accessories for men, women and children.

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6 Tips On Embracing Webrooming With Instagram

In our recent blog, The Changing Omnichannel Shopper, we elaborated on bridging the online and offline experiences for changing consumer habits. It’s become increasingly clear that webrooming is just as important as showrooming, if not more so.

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[Video] See What You May Have Missed on Day 1 of NRF 2016

Day Two of NRF Retail's Big Show is officially underway. iQmetrix's booth (#4325) will once again be packed full of the latest in customer experience technology and solutions to power and streamline retailers' back-of-house operations. 

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5 Reasons You Won't Want to Miss us at NRF 2016

It's time for Retail's BIG Show, we've got 5 BIG reasons for you to check out the iQmetrix booth experience.

5. Let's Talk Retail Over a Cup of Joe

NRF can be a whirlwind. Skip the long lines and recharge with some coffee (on us) while we chat about the latest in retail technology.

4. Metrics at Play

Be among the first to see the latest in data visualization. You'll never look at your metrics the same way again!

3. Experience Our End-to-End Retail Tour

How does our POS work with endless aisle? What does it look like to manage content on the back-end? Where does digital signage and eCommerce come into play? Depending on your retail focus, we've got a unique demo story to show you.

2. Build a Shelf

Like Build-a-Bear except this won't sit in the back of your child's closet after 3 days. Build a shelf is your opportunity to see what endless aisle would look like with your own products - right in our booth!

1. We'll Help You Unbox Retail

Our platform technology can connect with your existing systems to simplify complex tech stacks so all your systems can finally work together.

Visit us at booth #4325 to see how we unbox retail in order to streamline your back-end operations to create a truly connected experience.

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The 3 C's of Retail's Future: Consciousness, Customization, Care

Like most things in life, when looking at the future of retail, a good indicator of where we are going is to look at where we have been. Since 2010, the way people shop has drastically changed with social media and technology booms. Not only can we now shop wherever and whenever we want, but everyone is now a critic, and we can get a wide range of reviews about products from multiple perspectives.

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The Changing Omnichannel Shopper

The entire retail industry is more than informed on the fact that their consumers and their respective consumer habits are changing. New shopping patterns have been evolving for the past 20 years as e-commerce has consistently accounted for more and more retail sales. In more recent years, m-commerce and ‘online in-store’ channels have become more and more prevalent as retailers strive to complete the sale at every possible touchpoint. 

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Pre-Show Top 5 Checklist: How to prepare for retail's biggest trade shows

The holiday season is over and that means back to work. If you’re in retail, you know that also means event season is upon us beginning with CES (January 6th - 9th) and NRF (January 17-19th).

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New Trends & Opportunities: What’s Your 2016 Retail Strategy?

As another year comes to a close, we all look toward a new year full of new trends and new opportunities (and maybe a cute, new outfit?). A recent article from Retail Customer Experience provides some interesting insight.

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Gone with the Wind: Shaw Communications Acquires Wind Mobile

As you have no doubt heard, there was some big news out of the Canadian Telecommunications market on Wednesday, Decemeber 16. 

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Google Stats Reveal Black Friday, Holiday Store Traffic Trends

Google published a super interesting infographic, identifying peak traffic time at stores on Black Friday.

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New Technology Allows Users to Pay with Their Palm

WIFR News in Rockford, Ill. reported yesterday (Nov. 25) on technology that allows you to pay, not with a card or your phone, but with the palm of your hand.

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Black Friday is Big, but Last Minute Gift Shopping is Bigger

The retail industry braces itself every year for Black Friday and how the ritual signals the start of the holiday shopping season, but recent stats from Cardlytics show that its importance pales in comparison to the last few days before Christmas.

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