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Top 7 Highlights of The New BI

The iQmetrix Business Intelligence (BI) Team offers a reporting service that allows you to draw added insights from your RQ4 data.

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Special RQ4 Training Hosted at Microsoft Store in L.A.

iQmetrix hosted its first combined training with Microsoft at the Microsoft Store at Westfield Century City Shopping Center in Los Angeles, on Tuesday, Oct. 30.

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Envysion’s Video-Driven BI: Unfiltered Insight Into Your Stores

Imagine being able to look at customer traffic throughout your store and pinpoint how and why different areas and salespeople are most effective at closing sales. For marketing, which are your most important customer demographics? For operations, where are the inefficiencies and how can they be eliminated?

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iQwaldo Attends AT&T Meetings Deep in the Heart of Texas

Dallas Texas played host this week to AT&T agents and managers from all across the South Central Region.

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iQwaldo Attends Moorehead Regional Meetings in Detroit

Anyone who says they don’t like the Motor City hasn’t been there in a while.

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iQwaldo Surfaces in Honolulu

You may have thought iQwaldo was AWOL(do) as I've been out of the limelight for while.

But not to worry -- I was only on vacation. Even when vacationing, I make a point of seeing potential customers. On a recent family trip to the island of Oahu, I made an impromptu sales call to UpNext Cellular in Honolulu. Winson Yu, owner principal must have been pleased with the visit, for he purchased the RQ4 suite of Retail Management tools shortly afterwards. 

Growth can be very difficult to manage and as Winson’s company grew, he realized that systems can and do make all the difference in the level of profitability one can realize.

iQmetrix has been helping wireless retailers across North America get the most from their business management efforts for the past 15 years. It became quite clear to Winson that aligning himself with the leader in retail management systems would give him the efficient operations he required to be ultra successful.

iQmetrix is proud to partner with UpNext for the benefit of both our companies. Next time you visit the islands, be sure and stop in say aloha to Winson and his wonderful staff.   

Follow Ken, as he attends various wireless events throughout the year, on Twitter at http://twitter.com/iQwaldo.

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iQmetrix Connects Online, Mobile Experiences To Physical Store

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New TIO-RQ4 Integration for Cricket Dealers: Faster, Easier Bill Payment and Activations

Back in February, J.D. Power and Associates released their 2012 Study of the Wireless Purchase Experience. The study found that a key advantage to buying and activating a phone in-store (versus over the phone, for example) is the salesperson's ability to describe a service or device and complete the transaction in a timely manner.

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Daily Dose of iQ: Leveraging the Advantages of the In-Store Experience

Our theme at CTIA this year was "Energizing Retail End to End," and this means connecting virtual (online and mobile) and physical (in-store) retail channels, and managing these channels from the back-of-house operations (RQ4) to the front-of-house customer experience (XQ).

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iQmetrix Helping Cricket Agents' Profitability

iQmetrix participated in a recent WiBOC-sponsored workshop for Cricket agents in and around St. Louis, MO. The all-day workshop facilitated by Jonathan Bergman of Hire Well Now was well attended by Cricket agents looking for ways to increase profitability in an industry known for lower margins than their traditional postpaid cousins.  

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New England Verizon Agents Meet at Foxwoods Resort and Casino

The MGM Grand Hotel and Convention Center at Foxwoods played host to a recent New England Verizon meeting. Rising out of the Massachusetts countryside, the Foxwoods Resort and Casino is the largest casino in the world and Verizon’s regional executive, management, agents and partners were treated to two days of meetings with a bit of fun sandwiched in. After all, how could you not enjoy yourself at such a beautiful resort?   

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Daily Dose of iQ: Young Shoppers Avoid Salespeople; Prefer Self-Service Technology

At iQmetrix, we've been hard at work building products to help retailers enhance the in-store customer experience. Our cell phone store POS solution streamlines the POS and back-of-house operations, while our XQ Interactive Retail solutions shore up the front-end, consumer interface within the store.

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Daily Dose of iQ: Microsoft Kinect in the Workplace

Microsoft is looking to extend the reach (pun intended) of its gesture-based Kinect video game technology to the workplace, wrote Dave Copeland of ReadWriteWeb.com (Feb. 9).

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