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Retail Trends Posts

An eTail East Recap: Bridging Digital & Physical

Aug 23,2016 — Megan Howse

Our team attended eTail East 2016 in Boston last week along with the top retailers across the continent all looking to transform retail together. 

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Where Did All The Big Box Retailers Go?

Apr 25,2016 — Brayden Gervan

Think about a big box store in your hometown.  The institution that stands larger than life, with the massive parking lot, where you can go and spend half a day shopping for pretty much anything you need and waiting in line for the other half.  

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Chatbots In An Omnichannel World

Apr 06,2016 — Aaron Shauf

Is the next step in engaging customers chatting with robots? More companies are betting that this is the way we are going. Chatbots, or chatterbots, are a computer program that conduct a conversation, whether an audible one or via a texting platform.

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Forget The Meatballs! IKEA Does Virtual Reality

Apr 05,2016 — Lana Chunn

Ohhh Ikea. The Swedish meatballs, cheap furniture, fun knick-knacks... as if we needed another reason to go to your stores and then you go and announce your foray into virtual reality!

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Don't Shoot The Facebook Messenger: Use It To Pay

Apr 01,2016 — Lana Chunn

Facebook Messenger may soon become far more than a chat client, with the social networking service apparently planning to offer in-store purchases through its mobile app, after the company signaled it could partner with Apple Pay for retail checkouts.

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10 Strategies Key Retail Players are Digging Right Now

Mar 30,2016 — Lana Chunn

We recently teamed up with RIS to sponsor the 26th Annual Retail Technology Study and while we don't mean to toot our own horns, there are some pretty neat findings in all of this data. This year's study was conducted in January and February and is based on input from over 100 respondents from national or large regional retail chains. We've gone through the study with a fine-tooth comb and decided to break it down into a bite-sized list covering key elements and discoveries in the study. 

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The Future of High-End Tech Accessories

Mar 24,2016 — Kevin Cundiff

We’ve heard the trends, predictions and insights about consumer electronics a million times. Devices will become more specialized. The newly released iPhone has revolutionary features. IoT is everywhere. The list goes on.

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Store Closures Signal a Big Shift in Strategy

Mar 23,2016 — Faai Steuer

Over the past few years, we’ve seen the dissolution of many large brick-and-mortar stores both internationally and in Canada, including Walmart (154 stores), Finish Line (150 stores), Gap (35 stores) and more. While big-box department stores like Nordstrom and Saks Fifth Avenue are expanding, other retailers are closing due to declining sales, high rent and the struggle to compete in an extremely competitive retail environment.

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Dominating Retail: Drone by Drone

Mar 21,2016 — Brayden Gervan

It’s not a surprise to anyone that Amazon was probably the biggest disruptor to retail we have ever seen and as you are likely aware, Amazon is further seeking to disrupt retail, and other major industries with the introduction of new ways to deliver you items cheaper and faster. 


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Making the Retailers' Case for Subscription Boxes

Mar 16,2016 — Rachel Liste

I thought I would take a break from blogging about my favorite topic of payments and share with you a bit about my other love… subscription boxes.

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