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Ask the Experts: What Are the Biggest Challenges Facing Independent Wireless Dealers?

Jul 26,2017 — Brayden Gervan

Over the years, iQmetrix has worked with some of the biggest and smallest retailers in the wireless industry. We have learned so much through osmosis, and have become well-known as wireless retail experts. We are humbled by how much we have learned from our clients, how much more we can learn, and by how excited we are to brave the future with them.

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Shut Your Fraud Hole: 3 Tips & Tricks for Loss Prevention in Wireless

Jul 24,2017 — Sophie McKee-Wright

According to the 2016 National Retail Security Survey (NRSS), inventory shrink accounted for 1.38% of retail sales, or $45.2 billion, in 2015. Retailers that participated in the 2016 NRSS say that employee/internal theft amounted to 35.8% of this inventory shrink.

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How to Save Time and Money with Carrier-Specific Integration

Jul 19,2017 — Beth Wanner

In the wireless industry, it’s a constant struggle to shave time off transactions (particularly activations) and maximize every dollar. If you’re a wireless dealer, I’m willing to make a bet that reconciling commissions with your carrier causes the regular onset of a headache you can set your watch to.

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Increasing Service & Repair Revenue Through Drop Ship

Jul 17,2017 — Channing Kochylema

“I’ve never broken my phone screen,” said no one ever. With the advent of the cellphone and the extreme jump in users that this industry has seen over the last 10 years, a spin-off industry has been created that’s becoming more prevalent in all our cities; Service & Repair. This industry has the sole focus of not only fixing your phone, but also aiming to remove the pain of having to wait days, or even weeks to have your phone back up and running.

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Motivating Your Sales Person(alities): 4 Common Characteristics You Should Know

Jul 14,2017 — Tanya Floer

Do you often see the same sales staff over performing while others remain status quo? Is this because they’re working that much harder or have you really thought about what’s influencing this behavior? Brace yourself for some tough love... there’s a chance you could be contributing to the problem. As an owner or sales manager, it’s your responsibility to understand what motivates the individuals on your team. Have you recently evaluated your motivation tactics or how you set goals with employees that really impacts sales rep performance?

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The EMV Hardware Equation

Jul 11,2017 — Rachel Liste

Since the October 2015 liability shift I have been talking with retailers about their EMV Strategy.

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How Big Data Can Improve the Wireless Customer Journey

Jul 11,2017 — Danny Robinson

Customization is the name of the game when it comes to building relationships with customers. Just as a gift is more memorable when it is personally picked out for the recipient, a transaction is more successful when it is geared to the consumer's own self-image.

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Fulfillment: Give Your Customers Exactly What They Want With Dropship

Jul 07,2017 — Megan Howse

Customer expectations of the in-store experience are higher today than they've ever been before. We know they want what they want, when and wherever they want it. So how do you fulfill your customer’s expectations and dreams?

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5 Best Practices for Operating Your Cellphone Repair Shop

Jul 05,2017 — Beth Wanner

The Service & Repair industry is a hot market right now, and as more players get into the game, the challenges of bringing repair shops up to speed with adopting best practice standards is coming to the forefront.

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How Dropship is Changing the Inventory and Merchandising Game for Retailers

Jun 27,2017 — Channing Kochylema

Many large retailers are competing on delivery options and satisfying consumer demands for a true omnichannel experience with seamless convenience and vast product selection. With iQmetrix Dropship, retailers of all sizes are now able to offer similar benefits to consumers.

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How to Test the Success of Your Omnichannel Strategy

Jun 20,2017 — Marty Yaskowich

For wireless retailers' business strategies to succeed, they need to incorporate feedback. Companies pursuing an omnichannel approach should test different tactics and measure their results.

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It's Time to Give a Ship: Fulfill Customer Needs With Drop Ship

Jun 19,2017 — Channing Kochylema

One of my biggest shopping frustrations is walking into a store and finding out the product I’d like to buy is out of stock. On most occasions, I’ve done my research on the product to see if it’s carried in your store.

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8 Actionable Tips to Turn Shoppers Into Buyers

Jun 16,2017 — Tanya Floer

For a retailer, the most important time of day is when your transaction count is highest, right?... Wrong. High traffic periods and potential to turn shoppers into buyers, when they’re at your fingertips, can often be overlooked. Are you converting this potential to loyal customers or letting it walk out of your store?

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