Retail Marketing

Reap the Rewards of Retargeting

Lately, I have been spending a lot of my time of reading about the effects of remarketing. If you are not familiar …
Retail Marketing

Harness the Magic of Mobile

In the beginning of the omnichannel buzz, a lot of retailers and brands felt threatened by e-commerce, mobile …
Reporting & Analytics

Retailers: Hit The Targeted Email Jackpot

Since the first time a mass email was sent in 1978, and generated a reported $13M in sales for Digital Equipment …
Customer Experience

Delivering a Stellar In-Store Experience

Imagine you’re walking into your favorite store. What do you think of first? The displays in the front window? The …
Endless Aisle

4 Ways Endless Aisle Can Transform Your Product Assortment Strategy

It’s well known that product assortment planning is crucial to the success of retail operations. Bringing online …
Wireless Trends

Forget The Meatballs! IKEA Does Virtual Reality

Ohhh Ikea. The Swedish meatballs, cheap furniture, fun knick-knacks... as if we needed another reason to go to …
Retail Marketing

Stop, Drop & Pop-Up Shop

Pop-up stores continue to be an innovative, fun and effective approach for retailers in today’s ever growing …
Retail Marketing

Forget Like... Retailers Will Love the New Facebook Reactions

Facebook recently released its new Reactions to global fanfare. Not only can people “like” a post on Facebook …
Retail Marketing

Multichannel Inventory

In a recent article published by Retail Touch Points, Foot Locker’s growing success has been attributed to their …
Retail Marketing

Top Retail Challenge: Inventory/Order Fulfillment

Cross-Channel Inventory Management Now Retail's Top Challenge

The Lowdown on Dropship

If you’ve been following the moves of some of the big-box retailers lately you’ve likely noticed the race to offer …
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Is Your Merchandising Ready for the Holiday Rush?