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4 Wireless Brands That Are Killing It On Social Media & How They're Doing It

May 16,2017 — Lana Chunn

When was the last time someone asked you “do you use social media?” Ages ago? Thought so. In 2017 that question is irrelevant as wireless retailers (also some of the first Internet providers) have been leveraging the platform for customer care and marketing success since the beginning.

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3 Tips For Small Medium Business Success

May 16,2017 — Juan Sanchez

So, you’re a small/medium business (SMB); not selling lemonade on the corner, but not taking over multiple floors of a skyscraper. You’re somewhere between that massive gap.

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Samsung Uses Endless Aisle to Grow Revenues

May 16,2017 — Megan Howse

In my recent blog, Omnichannel is BS? I Disagree, I talked about people being frustrated with overuse of the term omnichannel. The only thing more frustrating is the lack of retailers and brands achieving an omnichannel strategy.

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5 Steps to Achieve Real-Time Personalization

May 12,2017 — Beth Wanner

Understanding your customers’ path to purchase has never been more complicated. It’s no longer so much a linear path, but more closely resembles a maze where your shoppers can enter and exit just about anywhere.

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Tech Is the New Jewelry; Connect With Your Mom This Mother's Day

May 09,2017 — Tara Bartlett

Stressing about the perfect gift for mom this year as Mother’s Day quickly approaches? It seems we’re all trying to outdo last year’s gift or in my case, trying to one up our siblings with a better gift. An NRF survey conducted by Prosper Insights & Analytics revealed shoppers will spend the most ever this Mother’s Day, averaging about $186 a purchase.

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Become Data Driven to Optimize Seasonal Merchandising

May 02,2017 — Lana Chunn

What can we say about data? To quote the legendary country music star Tim McGraw, “I like it, I love it, I want some more of it,” and I know I’m not the only one that feels this way. 

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Truthful Consumerism and How Brands Should Respond

Apr 24,2017 — Lana Chunn

A recent report by TrendWatching discussed a recent finding that trust in major institutions (government, business, media, and NGOs) is at an all-time low, which has left brands operating in a volatile new era of consumerism.

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How An Omnichannel Solution Can Take a Retailer to the Next Level

Apr 12,2017 — TESSCO Technologies

Customers are evolving as fast as technology allows them. They’re better informed and know what they want, how much they want to pay, and when they expect to receive it. 

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GlobalShop Recap: Millennials, Hipsters, and More

Apr 03,2017 — Megan Howse

Keeping up with customers isn’t easy. It’s a time for optimists and fast movers. The next few years in retail are going to bring more changes as we get deeper into the age of the consumer.

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Retailers at Shoptalk Focus on Innovative Experiences and the Move from Digital to Physical

Mar 28,2017 — Beth Wanner

Thousands of retailers hit the Las Vegas strip last week for Shoptalk’s second annual retail conference. Shoptalk is the perfect combination of inspiring keynotes, impressive retailer interviews with the likes of leaders from Target, Lowes, Rebecca Minkoff, Sephora, and many others, and the latest in retail technology from the big-name giants down to incredibly innovative startups.

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Need Help Defining Your Customer's Path to Purchase? We've Got You

Mar 26,2017 — Megan Howse

By now most retailers realize they need to work towards achieving an omnichannel strategy for their customers. Over and over I hear people say the first step in doing so is to define your path to purchase. But how do you begin to do that?

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4 Easy Ways to Make Your Brand More Consumer-Friendly

Mar 22,2017 — Christopher Krywulak

An omnichannel retail strategy doesn't need to be complicated. At its core, the aim of omnichannel retail is to provide a cohesive customer experience across different channels. Brands should seek to not only provide consumers with products they want, but also with positive experiences.

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How Do Visuals Influence Consumer Behavior?

Mar 22,2017 — Christopher Krywulak

The complex relationship between consumer behavior and visual merchandising has become a perennial topic for marketing researchers. Different factors—like color psychology, emerging digital trends, and emotional design—can all play a part in the shopping experience.

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