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The EMV Hardware Equation

Jul 11,2017 — Rachel Liste

Since the October 2015 liability shift I have been talking with retailers about their EMV Strategy.

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Three Simple Ways to Lower Credit Card Assessment Fees

Apr 02,2017 — Margeaux Girardin

Processing fees are an annoying fact of life for merchants. Complex structures and various fee types are designed to be complicated, boring, and inaccessible for merchants.

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4 Things Your Current Payment Processor is Doing Wrong

Mar 03,2017 — Margeaux Girardin

Payment processing- an industry surrounded by mystery, regulation, and misconception.

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Dispelling the Myths Around Merchant Services Pricing

Feb 06,2017 — Margeaux Girardin

Credit and debit card processing fees are some of the most convoluted and complex aspects of owning a business.

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Is the In-Store Experience Better With Mobile Payments?

Nov 14,2016 — Margeaux Girardin

New payment technologies have made significant strides in improving both the payment solution and overall in-store experience for shoppers. Merchants are now tasked with understanding the benefits and drawbacks of such payment innovations and are wading through the waters to find the perfect payment fit.

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The Power of Smart Payment Terminals

Sep 05,2016 — Lana Chunn

Gone are the days of simple swipe terminals in the U.S., where a payment could be captured using a “dumb” USB device or keyboard reader.

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The Silver Lining of EMV: What Updated Payment Hardware Means For Retailers

Feb 23,2016 — Rachel Liste

The payment space has been an exciting one this year and 2016 promises not to disappoint. One thing we can expect to see in 2016 is a rise in popularity of mobile payments.

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5 Best Practices for Retail Payment Security

Jan 06,2016 — Rachel Liste

2015 was a busy year for the payments industry: EMV, liability shift, mobile payments, PCI, encryption and the list goes on from there. As I worked with the team here at iQmetrix to prepare for the October liability shift, retailers were all over the board in their plans to deploy EMV. Some were clueless, others scared, and still others only slightly educated.

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