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5 Creative Digital Merchandising Solutions That Engaged Customers in New Ways

Retailers must constantly adapt their omnichannel strategies to incorporate new technologies. In general, a solid omnichannel retail strategy should center on the customer, providing them with new ways to engage with the brand story.

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How Retailers Are Incorporating VR to Boost Their Brands

By now, most of us have experienced our first ‘VR’ moment. Mine transported me from the tradeshow floor at NRF in New York to Huntington Beach where I, very awkwardly but incredulously, surfed alongside dolphins.

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To Digital Signage... And Beyond! The Future of Digital In-Store


According to the recent Digital Signage Future Trends 2017  report from Retail Customer Experience, only 40% of retailers have deployed digital signage in their companies, and only 39% of those have to all locations. However, 54% of respondents plan to deploy within the next year.

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