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[Video] What Does Omnichannel Mean for Wireless?

Omnichannel has been a major buzzword in retail for years, but what does it actually mean for the very unique wireless industry?

It's important to create a consistent customer experience across channels and wireless is no exception. Check out our video blog as we walk through the steps of a wireless customer journey and changes wireless dealers can implement along the path to purchase.

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4 Ways Endless Aisle Can Transform Your Product Assortment Strategy

It’s well known that product assortment planning is crucial to the success of retail operations. Bringing online assortment in-store is not just about having all of your products available to your customers. It’s about having the right products at the right price point, so you can satisfy your target consumers, while maximizing profit per square feet.

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Put Your Customers to Work

Getting customers involved in service delivery by “putting them to work” often improves the service and the overall experience. In fact, service is always created with customer participation. 

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Store Closures Signal a Big Shift in Strategy

Over the past few years, we’ve seen the dissolution of many large brick-and-mortar stores both internationally and in Canada, including Walmart (154 stores), Finish Line (150 stores), Gap (35 stores) and more. While big-box department stores like Nordstrom and Saks Fifth Avenue are expanding, other retailers are closing due to declining sales, high rent and the struggle to compete in an extremely competitive retail environment.

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Luxury Service Requires Technology

Luxury service has been associated with a high degree of human touch for a long time. And rightfully so. Who better to take care of your evening plans in a new city than an experienced concierge at a luxury hotel?

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Amazon’s Private Clothing Initiative Could Disrupt the Whole Industry

By now, you've probably heard of Amazon's not-so-secret plan to dominate the apparel market. Amazon has recently launched 7 private fashion labels that sell a range of mid-priced apparel and accessories for men, women and children.

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How to Expand Your Sales Channel With Endless Aisle

It’s no secret demand for headphones and other high-end technologies is growing. Last year, Futuresource forecasted worldwide shipment of headphones would grow to 381 million units. The headphone market alone will generate 10.7 billion dollars annually by 2019. That’s just headphones, this study doesn’t include other high-end accessories. Realistically, the potential is endless but unfortunately, shelf space is not.

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The Changing Retail Experience: 3 Things Your Customers Want

While the so-called decline of the bricks-and-mortar store has been touted within circles for years; e-commerce giant, Amazon, has just opened its first physical store. As online and physical stores merge, the introduction of omnichannel retail solutions becomes crucial for physical retailers to create a seamless experience for the consumer.

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Designing the Next Generation of Retail Places (Part 5 of 5)

5 Checkpoints for Next-Gen Wireless Retail Places

The retail industry is morphing incredibly fast.

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Designing the Next Generation of Retail Places (Part 4 of 5)

The Basic Areas of the Retail Environment

In this article, we will take a look at the main in-store retail areas where the place qualities and the design principles can be applied.

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