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Top Retail Challenge: Inventory/Order Fulfillment

Dec 01,2015 — Allan Pulga

Cross-Channel Inventory Management Now Retail's Top Challenge

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The Lowdown on Dropship

Dec 01,2015 — Joanne Helm

If you’ve been following the moves of some of the big-box retailers lately you’ve likely noticed the race to offer faster, cheaper delivery options is on. While industry on-lookers have been cautious about the effects that shipping costs can have on a retailer’s bottom line versus the benefit of attracting consumers, it’s clear that these “shipping wars” between the likes of Amazon, Walmart, and Target are making it appear difficult for other retailers to compete.

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Multichannel Inventory (Foot Locker case study)

Sep 25,2015 — Allan Pulga
In a recent article published by Retail Touch Points, Foot Locker’s growing success has been attributed to their multichannel strategy that has focused on inventory visibility.

Foot Locker has implemented endless aisle and drop ship concepts to pull together their omnichannel efforts. The article covered a lot of interesting trends that we’ve seen popping up all over the retail landscape.

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