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3 Things to Consider When Redesigning Your Store for the Future

Aug 14,2017 — Christopher Krywulak

With e-commerce sales taking an increasing amount of the retail market share over the past few years, there has been speculation that brick-and-mortar stores will not stand the test of time.

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5 Tips to Get More Customers to Your Cellphone Store

Aug 09,2017 — Tanya Floer

With the surge towards online shopping, is the end near for traditional wireless retail space? 

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How Big Data Can Improve the Wireless Customer Journey

Jul 11,2017 — Danny Robinson

Customization is the name of the game when it comes to building relationships with customers. Just as a gift is more memorable when it is personally picked out for the recipient, a transaction is more successful when it is geared to the consumer's own self-image.

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Fulfillment: Give Your Customers Exactly What They Want With Dropship

Jul 07,2017 — Megan Howse

Customer expectations of the in-store experience are higher today than they've ever been before. We know they want what they want, when and wherever they want it. So how do you fulfill your customer’s expectations and dreams?

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How to Adapt to an E-Commerce World

Jul 04,2017 — Juan Sanchez

Ten years ago, almost to the day, there was a major disruption in the wireless world; the iconic iPhone was introduced to the masses. Affected companies had to adapt, change, and move quickly to ride the waves from the impact of this new product/idea. We saw success and failure in response.

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It's Time to Give a Ship: Fulfill Customer Needs With Drop Ship

Jun 19,2017 — Channing Kochylema

One of my biggest shopping frustrations is walking into a store and finding out the product I’d like to buy is out of stock. On most occasions, I’ve done my research on the product to see if it’s carried in your store.

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8 Actionable Tips to Turn Shoppers Into Buyers

Jun 16,2017 — Tanya Floer

For a retailer, the most important time of day is when your transaction count is highest, right?... Wrong. High traffic periods and potential to turn shoppers into buyers, when they’re at your fingertips, can often be overlooked. Are you converting this potential to loyal customers or letting it walk out of your store?

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Game of In-Store Technology: 4 Retailers Seeking the Throne

Jun 14,2017 — Brayden Gervan

If you are a regular reader of the iQmetrix blog, you know we talk a lot about the in-store experience, specifically, how to survive in a time when customers have everything at their fingertips.

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Endless Aisle vs. E-Commerce In-Store: A Digital Showdown

Jun 12,2017 — Megan Howse

In one of our recent blogs, What is Endless Aisle? Two Important, But Very Different, Definitions we discussed the difference between endless aisle as fulfillment and endless aisle as an interactive kiosk.

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How Authorized Wireless Dealers Can Leverage Instagram

Jun 12,2017 — Lana Chunn
Ahh, Instagram. It’s the great bragging network – where you can show off your latest DIY creation, fancy meal, #blessed photo, gym selfie, animal pic… and wireless brand story.
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How to Optimize Store Operations and Customer Experiences

Jun 07,2017 — Juan Sanchez

In a mobile-first world, retailers need to be up to date with not only the latest information but also behind-the-scenes hardware and data. This means investing in comprehensive retail management solutions that allow flexibility, adaptability, and useable data to drive business decisions and efficiency.

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What is Endless Aisle? Two Important, But Very Different, Definitions

Jun 02,2017 — Beth Wanner

It seems the wireless retail industry is teeming with buzz words these days. Not only do you have to know your omnichannel from your IoT but many of these terms can mean different things depending on who you ask. The latest concept everyone is talking (and confused) about is endless aisle.

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What Makes a Customer Loyal to a Wireless Store

May 29,2017 — Madison Dufault

When your customer needs a new phone, is it your store they think of? The only time I go to a wireless retail store is when I need to buy a new device.

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