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Daily Dose of iQ: How Walmart Uses Weather Forecasts to Predict Sales

On Monday (Oct. 27), Advertising Age published an interesting article on how Walmart bases marketing decisions on weather data.

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10th Annual iQmetrix Summit: Coaching Performance with Kurt Reinhart

"I just want you to take one thing from my session," said Kurt Reinhart. "And bring it home and use it."

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10th Annual iQmetrix Summit: Recruiting and Retaining the RIGHT People

HIre Well Now CEO and HR consultant Jonathan Bergman hosted a high-energy session on finding and training staff, specifically for wireless retailers.

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BI Tips: Dimensions and Hierarchies

Still referring to the Grocery Store theme, the Dimension List can be thought of as the "aisles in the grocery store." Each Dimension is categorized by the type of information it holds. Similarly, grocery aisles are categories by food type.

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Daily Dose of iQ: 'Like2Buy' Brings E-Commerce to Instagram

Tech Times reported on Friday (Aug. 29) about Like2Buy, a platform created by Curalate, which allows Instagram users to purchase what they see on their Instagram feeds. Nordstrom, Target and Charlotte Russe are the first companies to get on board.

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BI Tips: LookUp Functions

LookUp functions can be used to cross reference information across multiple datasets. These expressions cannot be used in the query designer, only in a tablix expression.

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Daily Dose of iQ: Gleam's Back-End B2B Platform Lets Fashion Brands Analyze App Data

Last week, we blogged about Spring, an app that basically refers users to fashion brands’ e-commerce (and m-commerce) sites. Sort of along the same lines, TechCrunch wrote yesterday (Aug. 21) about an app called Gleam.

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BI Tips: Date Sorting

Often, when displaying the Date Hierarchy in your Tablix, you will notice that it will order the dates incorrectly. To correct this, follow the following steps:

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ProtectCELL Review Posted in WIRED Magazine

iQmetrix handset protection partner ProtectCELL was featured in a WIRED review a few months ago (March 18).

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Omnichannel Retail: Is a Mobile POS switch really necessary?

Mobile POS seems to be the latest buzz in the retail industry. Many studies have recently been published looking at the adoption plans and readiness among retailers and the results are mixed. 
One of these studies, Your Last Traditional POS, produced by RIS News, found that when retailers were asked about their intentions to switch their current IT system, 12.8% flat out said they have zero intention to implement mobile POS and 53.8% said  “it is too early to tell” if they will make the change. On the other hand, a third of retailers expressed definite plans for mobile POS.

One third of retailers are committed to offering a mobile POS. Are they on the right track?

So what does this one third of retailers know that others do not? 
Today, mobile solutions are more a part of our lives than ever before. Consumers rely on their phones more and more and that ease of instant, endless accessibility has made consumers increasingly demanding. Retail must shift in order to accommodate these demands. Mobile POS gives the consumer the connected, boundary-less experience they now expect. Stores that do not make this investment run the major risk of being left behind.
Despite the study’s assertion that retailers have to decide between keeping their traditional POS or making the leap to mobile, incorporating mobile POS doesn’t have to mean an overhaul to your current system. Many POS systems offer satellite mobile POS systems on iPads or iPods that are mostly transactional. This allows for sales staff to move throughout the store while you still maintain your main POS system behind the counter. This gives you a really flexible system and requires very little change.

Mobile POS implementation needn’t be complicated or overly expensive; it should, however, meet consumer demands for speed and convenience.


Deploying a mobile POS system can be as simple as ordering the hardware and obtaining software. Beyond that, retailers should also consider staffing levels and store layout to maximize the new mobility of their sales staff.
The way trends in retail are going, making the move to incorporate mobile POS in one way or another seems to be a competitive requirement. The important take-away is that it doesn’t have to be complicated or overly expensive but it does need to meet the demands of today’s fast-paced consumers.


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Daily Dose of iQ: Pinterest Partners with Shopify to Integrate E-Commerce

On Monday (July 21), we blogged about the Facebook "Buy" button, which will allow users to buy desired items directly from the social media site.

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Daily Dose of iQ: Verizon Offering 'Smart Rewards' in Exchange for Customer Privacy

On July 24, Verizon is launching a nationwide loyalty program called "Smart Rewards."

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Daily Dose of iQ: Millenials Shop Online for Speed, Convenience

On June 25, Bloomberg's Matt Townsend told the tale of CJ Chu, a 24-year-old associate for a private-equity firm, whom he called "a retailer's nightmare"

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