Daily Dose of iQ: Top Reason for Mobile Cart Abandonment: Slow Loading Time

Aug 21, 2015 — Allan Pulga

A recent Jumio/Harris Interactive study found that 56% of U.S. smartphone users have abandoned a mobile transaction. This figure is down from 66% of respondents in 2013.

Top reasons for abandonment: slow loading times (36%) and difficulty getting through the checkout process (31%).

In other news, Facebook is the world's number-one referring site for news sites, according to analytics firm Parse.ly. Facebook drove 43% of traffic to news sites, while Google drove 38% of traffic.

No. 1 reason for abandoning a mobile transaction: Slow loading time.

Google remains the top referral site for overall web traffic, however.

When I stop to consider how much news I discover from Facebook, the 43% isn't that surprising. After all, I don't Google for headlines. I Google topics I see in the news, to learn more about the people and places I read about, say on Wikipedia.

What did surprise me, though, is that Twitter only referred what appears to be 3% of traffic to media sites. I personally get a lot more of my news via Twitter than via Facebook, but that's just me.

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