Top 7 Highlights of The New BI

Jan 30, 2013 — Sarah Tuff

The iQmetrix Business Intelligence (BI) Team offers a reporting service that allows you to draw added insights from your RQ4 data.

We recently launched a brand-new BI solution with some exciting new features that both existing customers and new customers are really enjoying. The following are some highlights of The New BI:

1. Email Subscriptions

Clients love this option as they are able to automate the scheduled delivery of their reporting. Not only can a user determine who receives content, but when someone receives it. This is a great feature that ensures employees receive information when they need it and frees up the desk of the person administering time-sensitive reporting.

2. Cross-Browser Compatibility, Accessible Anywhere

Employees are on the go: In the field, between stores and rarely sitting behind the desk -- especially regional and district managers. For this reason, it is critical to access reporting on any available device. Reports can be viewed on phones and tablets, and on any broswer. This includes reports iQmetrix has created or those you build yourself.

3. Minimal Load on IT

We’ve connected BI directly with RQ4 Security Groups. This makes for a very simple login while also minimizing the strain on your IT department to roll out the project. Users will log in using a process they are familiar with -– using their name and their RQ4 login. System admins can grant access at the group level instead of creating individual users in the system.

4. Enhanced Report Writing

Each client will have their own instance of Microsoft Report Builder. Clients have indicated that writing reports is noticeably simpler in this tool. And the steps to build custom carrier reports are very similar. Customers are enjoying new features like the enhanced design options and a simpler drag-and-drop process.

5. Standard Reporting

Drawing from patterns we've seen across the industry and combining those with our own expertise, The New BI comes with a suite of high-value reporting tools. These reports will allow you to quickly expand the reach of your BI project throughout your organization.

6. Training Time is Minimized

We've developed a process to teach your employees the basics of BI and create key reports in 1–3 weeks. This includes full access to a BI iQuniverity Course Track, live web-based training (via WebEx), and a library of new help files developed jointly by our BI and Help File teams. We also offer Professional Services training -- contact us if you're interested in specialized in-person training as well.

7. Deployment is Scalable

The training process, out-of-the-box reporting, and clean connection into RQ4 Securities will allow your organization to train multiple report writers and multiple teams to view reports, so you can quickly launch the product. There is also potential to roll the deployment down additional levels. Reporting that was once only accessible at the "regional" level can now be accessed by the "district" or "store."

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