The Ability to Prevent Duplicate IMEIs in RQ version 4.14

Aug 30, 2013 — Brian Klein

A highly anticipated feature has been added to version 4.14 following a large response at last year’s iQmetrix Retail Summit. This feature is the addition of a setting which will provide you with the tools to prevent duplicate IMEIs from being added across any regular product.

With the addition of a setting for used inventory it is no longer necessary to adjust serial numbers which was prone to cause errors.

Why are we doing this now?

  1. At last year's Retail Summit this was voted as being a very important change that people wanted to have applied to RQ.
  2. In the past some clients had to adjust serial numbers between separate SKUs in order to distinguish new and used inventory. With the addition of a setting for used inventory it is no longer necessary to adjust serial numbers which was prone to cause these errors.
  3. There are fraudulent situations where duplicate serial numbers could be used to hide a device that was then stolen from inventory. This will become impossible with the activation of the new setting.

What is changing?

In the Settings Console > Inventory > Miscellaneous a setting has been added to activate duplicate detection on any serial number that is being brought into inventory. This will only apply to serialized regular products which are currently in inventory in any status.

How will this duplicate detection work?

Duplicate detection will be applied anywhere that an item can be brought into inventory. Rather than only checking for a duplicate in the same SKU, a comparison will be made against all serial numbers in inventory for any regular product. This will affect the following product areas so that the duplicate is prevented from entering the system.

  • Receiving Purchase Orders
  • Completing RMAs
  • POS – Refunding into Inventory

What if there has been an actual mistake that I need to correct?

An employee with access to make an Inventory Quantity Adjustment or Correct Receiving Invoices will have the ability to correct any duplicate situation manually using this tool. In the event that there is a duplicate that would be created because of an adjustment a notification will appear to provide details on any SKUs which are duplicated. This will allow them to begin an investigation on the reason behind the duplication and make the necessary adjustments to correct the situation.

When will this change happen?

This change is already part of the 4.14 version which is available upon request.

Topics: RQ, Mobile Industry, Business Intelligence

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