Summit Sponsor: ProtectCell’s Partnership Approach to Business

Oct 04, 2011 — Allan Pulga

Interview with Scott McLaren,
President and Chief Marketing Officer, ProtectCell

iQmetrix sat down with Scott McLaren to talk about ProtectCell’s Platinum and Gold Sponsorship of the 2011 Wireless Summit in Miami, Oct. 16-18.


In general, why is ProtectCell excited to sponsor the Summit?

“We’re excited for two reasons. One is the Summit allows us to demonstrate our overall partnership approach to business, which is something that differentiates us from our competitors. We take our partnerships seriously.

“Secondly, we know that iQ is hosting a lot of our dealer partners at the Summit. They are good partners of ours and iQmetrix is a good partner of ours, so I think it bodes well for us to sponsor this iQmetrix event, speak about our partnership and stand there side-by-side in front of arguably one of the most important crowds we have.

This is our fifth iQmetrix Summit. I always look forward to seeing all of the dealers, vendors and partners each year. We see and talk to each other throughout the year, but it’s really great to meet face to face.


Looking at the Summit agenda, is there anything that stands out for you, in particular?

“I wouldn’t say there’s any one item jumps out at me,” McLaren says. “I think it’s a solid agenda. I’m excited to hear from all the speakers.

I think there’s a big opportunity for the Summit to focus on the customer and the value of the relationship with the customer. I know with the ‘Deliver WOW’ theme, you guys are hinting at that, so I’m hoping the content will reveal some technical things the dealers can take back and actually implement or some really strong thought leadership that provides with techniques for improving customer focus. I’m looking forward to a strong emphasis on the customer at the event.

“I’m also excited to see how XQ has evolved.”


What benefits can RQ4 users enjoy, as a result of the iQmetrix-ProtectCell partnership?

“I think the biggest advantage, from a point-of-sale standpoint, is the ProtectCell integration in RQ4 provides a quick and easy process not only for the sales associate on the floor, but for the end consumer. It doesn’t waste a lot of time. It’s focused on how the customer buys and attaches at the end of the sale.

I think beyond that, if you look at us as a membership program as opposed to an insurance program, the benefits that we offer are not centered on the device. Sure, we protect the device, but more importantly we protect everything the device does for the customer and the concerns that go along with that. We call that ‘Protecting your wireless lifestyle.’

“Think about identity theft. More and more smartphones being bought, more and more commerce being done through those smartphones, more and more identities being compromised. So if your identity’s compromised, we can actually go ahead and not only find that compromise for you, but restore your identity to its full, original level of security.

“Regarding iQmetrix and ProtectCell working together, in recent years, we have put more emphasis on working together to serve our mutual customers. For example, we occasionally have a dealer call us because they are having problems with the integration. In the past, we had to refer them to someone at iQ. Now, we have someone on staff who can help determine what is causing the problem. If we can’t help the dealer, we try to do a warm hand-off to iQ. It’s all about ensuring the best experience possible for our end users.


Any big announcements related to ProtectCell products or services that you’d like wireless retailers showcasing in their stores?

“A new ProtectCell feature that we’re going to be announcing at the Summit is the ability to lock and locate your phone remotely, as well as back up data,” says McLaren. “So whether it’s your contacts, your media files, your pictures, etc., you’re going to have the ability to back that up as well. In the end, it allows us to be ‘device agnostic’ and really focus on what the customer uses the device for.

Offering this type of security helps the retailer build value in the relationship with the customer. The two things that we pride ourselves in are the partnership approach to business and also a pure focus on the customer that drives our decisions day-to-day.”


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