Starbucks Launches 'Mobile Order & Pay' for All U.S. Customers

Sep 22, 2015 — Allan Pulga

The Starbucks app is the envy of retail and as such, we've followed its progress closely over the years. In March 2014, the company introduced in-app barista tipping. In December 2014, it test launched "order and pay in advance" in Portland, Oregon, with plans to expand the service to other cities.

Today, Starbucks announced the "Mobile Order & Pay" service is available nationwide "at participating Starbucks locations." The company added that the feature will be arriving in the U.K. and Canada beginning in October.

Mobile Order & Pay is available across the U.S. 'at participating locations'; the service comes to the U.K. and Canada next month.

"Available in the main Starbucks Android and iOS app, the feature automatically chooses the closest participating outlet, though you can manually select a different location if you wish," wrote VentureBeat's Paul Sawers.

"Starbucks first introduced mobile ordering way back in 2012 through La Boulange, a chain of bakeries in San Francisco acquired by Starbucks earlier that year. The coffee giant said at the time that it planned to take the concept into its outlets across the country, though it would be two years before the Portland pilot came to fruition."

Topics: Retail Operations, Wireless Trends

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