Specialized Verizon Learning Workshop: June 11-12 in Charlotte NC

Jun 10, 2014 — Stacy Hamer

Specialized Verizon Learning Workshop 

Who should attend: Those who wear many hats, including Management, Administrative, Owners, Finance, and Inventory personal.

Dates and Times: June 11th 9:00am to 5:00pm – June 12th  9:00am to 3:00pm, 2014

Place: Charlotte, NC

Cost: $499 per attendee

Facilitators: Kris Rogers and Nick Palazzo  


This workshop is specifically designed for Verizon Dealers only.  The agenda is geared towards specific features and functionality of RQ, Business Intelligence, and Integrated solutions just for Verizon dealers.

This is also a great opportunity to network and share ideas and best practices with other Verizon dealers.


RQ Topics covered in this workshop in relation to Verizon Dealers

·       Inventory Management Best Practices

Inventory management is vital to any retail business and we will cover a number of advanced tools, including: Auto ordering, Min/Max setup, Adjustment tool, SKU settings and much more.

·       Optimizing Sales Operations

The sales flow can impact customer wait time and our goal is to offer great experiences. We will review all sales flow options and how to make these flows work for your business needs.

·       CRM and Marketing Module Tools

This section will focus on the RQ tools for managing customer relationships, creating marketing campaigns, keeping your database clean and driving repeat store visits.

·       Fraud Detection & Prevention

Worried about Fraud? Unfortunately fraud is an ongoing battle and we’ll help bring common areas to your attention while suggesting ways to limit your risk.

·       Reporting

We will show you tips and tricks to gain the information you need from the reports we offer: sales, inventory, employee commissions, carrier commissions, performance groups, finance and more. 

·       Finance Intro

Learn how to reconcile carrier commissions, purchase orders, and perform cashouts directly in RQ.  We will also review the ability to assign general ledger accounts and export this data.


Verizon Carrier Specific Topics covered in this workshop

· Carrier Price Sheet

We will show you best practices for Verizon Price sheets.  This will include the Edge program, and Iconic Orders.

· Verizon Carrier Commissions Reconciliation

Learn about the best practices for reconciling in RQ with Verizon Commissions.

· Integrated Solutions

We will cover what options are available for Verizon Dealers in regards to Handset Protection, Handset Trade-in, Payment Integration, Hardware Collections, Vendor Managed Integration, and others.

· Business Intelligence

Learn about how Business Intelligence can help you with day to day Compensation Reporting. Also about the specific reports that all Verizon dealers should have created for them.

· XQ Interactive Retail

You will be able to see what is new in the XQ Interactive Retail works and see if this is something you need in your stores!


Sign Up Now!

This is the only Verizon specific Learning Workshop scheduled for 2014, so please be sure to sign up quickly to reserve your spot.


Please be sure to bring your laptops and power cords to the training.

**Dues to restricted seating, fees may be non-refundable for cancellations within the 3-week period preceding the sessions.  And issues will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

Please contact training@iqmetrix to save your seats today or for any questions!

We look forward to seeing you!

-The Professional Services Team-

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