Smart Wireless Roadshow 2011

May 19, 2011 — Ken Burdon

Smart Wireless hosted its bi-annual Roadshow this week in Portland, Oregon and, of course, iQmetrix was there.

Smart Wireless is comprised of 36 locations split between AT&T and Sprint, and has become one of the largest wireless service providers in the Pacific Northwest. The event is designed to bring Smart Wireless employees together to interact and learn from their partners and suppliers, in addition to enhancing the overall culture of the organization. Many partners, including AT&T, Sprint and iQmetrix, were on hand, in addition to numerous vendors such as Tessco, Motorola, Otterbox and Samsung, to mention just a few.

The theme of this year’s event was “Social Media” and the “relationship area” was outfitted with comfortable seating along with chalkboard tables. Smart Wireless recently launched their Facebook site and encourages all employees to be part of it.

Attendees to the 2011 event were greeted and registered by Lawyer Davis (store 53) and Samantha Blanchard (Store 94).

Ginny Gaylord and Rick Rutherford of Smart Wireless were instrumental in the recent roll out of RQ4 by iQmetrix and were on hand to answer any questions Smart Wireless employees had. Feedback from the employees was very positive and it is clear that Smart Wireless is well on its way to becoming a poster child for how to get the most from RQ4.

Chris Donnelly (center), Vice President of Operations for Smart Wireless, discusses business with partners and colleagues.

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