Samsung Enjoying Sales Surge of Android Devices

Dec 15, 2010 — Allan Pulga

December and Android have been good to Samsung.

On Dec. 3, Gartner released a report stating Samsung had surpassed Motorola as the number-one manufacturer of Android phones. That same day, Samsung announced it had sold 1 million of its Android-based Galaxy Tab devices, just about a month after the tablet hit U.S. store shelves and two months after its international debut.

“The cause of Samsung’s smartphone success isn’t a big secret,” explained Devindra Hardawar of (Dec. 3). “Clearly, the company’s multi-carrier approach, with its high-end Galaxy S Android phones, is taking off. The shipment numbers are a 300 percent increase over Samsung’s Android ship rate in the fourth quarter of 2009.”

Since Samsung announced it had shipped 3 million Galaxy S phones in early November and the phones are available on all major U.S. carriers, Hardawar writes, it’s not surprising that Samsung overtook Motorola as the top Android phone maker. Motorola dropped to the second spot, followed by HTC and LG, respectively. “Now it makes perfect sense why Google chose Samsung for its Nexus S flagship device,” he adds.

The Galaxy Tab, which is also available on all major U.S. carriers, is proving it can somewhat compete with the Apple iPad, Hardawar writes. “The sales numbers are impressive, considering that the Tab garnered mixed reviews. Despite its flaws, it appears that some consumers are still choosing it over the iPad, perhaps because of its smaller form factor – or simply because it’s the only viable Android tablet on the market right now.”

Android’s rapid growth continues

Also on Dec. 3, Matt Hamblen of Computerworld, reported that the latest ComScore rankings showed Android is the fastest smartphone operating system in the U.S. Android’s subscriber base grew by 6.5 percentage points, while RIM’s dropped by 3.5 and Apple’s base grew slightly between July and October 2010.

In terms of overall subscriber numbers, RIM stayed in first place, followed by Apple and Android.

“The strong showing by Android has been shown in other surveys as well,” Hamblen wrote. “Many analysts believe Android will be the second-most used smartphone OS worldwide by the end of 2010, behind only Nokia’s Symbian OS. That finish would put Android-based smartphone sales well ahead of projections made even a year ago.”

Samsung placed well in the ComScore survey as well, which ranked the South-Korean company as the top manufacturer of smartphones and other mobile devices used by U.S. subscribers, with 24.2 percent of the market. It was followed by LG with 2.10 percent, Motorola with 17.7 percent, RIM with 9.3 percent and Nokia with 7.1 percent.

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