Sales: Close the Deal with Urgency

Apr 05, 2011 — Allan Pulga

If your store has experienced reduced traffic of late, your salespeople likely don't need a reminder to stay hungry for their next close. That said, it doesn't hurt to step back and examine one's own sales strategy from an outside perspective – to focus on being aggressive and having a sense of urgency.

"Many entrepreneurs mistakenly think that making a sale has to do with the consultative selling approach, special listening skills or any number of popular questioning or closing programs," writes Barry Farber of "Sure they're all important aspects of selling. But the granddaddy of them all – the one factor that guarantees your sales success more than any other and the one method top producers have in common – is a sense of urgency.

"Urgency is what gets top sellers up in the morning and keeps them fired up all day. Their attitude is, 'If it's to be me, it's up to me, and I determine my own success or failure,' They're constantly asking themselves, 'What do I need to do next to move this sale forward? What actions do I have to take to get it done?' It's about putting your ideas and strategies in motion."

Farber encourages salespeople to be efficient, to not waste time on fruitless opportunities, to focus on what each customer wants. "When they don't see the benefit to that customer, they move on and eliminate wasted energy from both sides. But when there's real opportunity, they're relentless. A voice inside them keeps saying, 'Don't let customers miss the many ways they can truly benefit from you and your service.'"

Some customers just need an extra push in the right direction. Farber says a lot of people would never buy on the spot if they don't like you, feel comfortable with you or have a successful existing relationship with you. But in the end, the real reason they buy from you is that you're not leaving until they do so. You expect success and you base your endgame on that sense of urgency.

Customers can see a fraud coming from a mile away. Be genuine. Believe in yourself and your product/service. Understand that your customers have a need that you're able to meet – that's why they came in to see you. Arrive with the intent to close a sale, not simply with the hope of meeting prospects.

"To sell well, we need to prioritize specific goals for all of our activities and then act on them with confidence, conviction and a desire to move things forward."

Topics: Retail Operations, Mobile Industry

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