Revolutionizing Reporting for Beginner BI Users - July 16-17 in Charlotte

Jul 15, 2015 — Megan Slinn

Revolutionizing Reproting for Beginner BI Users - July 16-17, 2015 in Charlotte, NC

Who Should Attend: In this two day workshop we will dig in to the core elements of the Cube Design, focusing in on the areas that matter most. You will learn the foundational techniques needed to create reports related to Sales, Inventory, Operations, and Carrier Analytics.


Dates: July 16-17, 2015 

Time: 9:00am - 5:00pm 

Location: Charlotte, NC

Cost: $499 per attendee

Facilitator: Sarah Tuff and Ashia Coleman 



To attend this training, we ask that you meet the following criteria:

·        Have completed iQCampus BI Launch training Course

·        Have completed BI Level 1 and Level 2 Launch Training hosted by the BI Team

·        Has a basic understanding of how Inventory, Commissions and Roles are handled within their organization


Led by one of our BI Product Experts you will:

·        Learn the correct usage of the cube to produce key reports needed for Sales, Inventory and Operations teams

·        Work in a classroom of other BI customers gaining Best Practice methodologies from both iQmetrix and other users

·        Take part in a workable session producing reports in a step by step guided session

·        Leave with published usable content you can go home and start using!


Security and Distribution Strategies

Start with a quick review of the set up steps covered in our Launch training. Work with us to complete a check in, ensuring BI is configured correctly for your business. We will address who in the organization needs access. How will they need to access? And what do they need access to? If restricting access is needed to one region or Group, this will also be addressed here.


Sales Reporting

Sales Reporting and reports for the sales team is often the number one priority when launching BI. Learn best practices for using the Sales Data in the Cube and get up to speed with creating sales reports for both employees and locations. We will review reports which Include Quantity, MTD Quantity, Targets and trending. If you have specific needs related to sales (for example – Primary Location reporting, including an employee ID Code etc.) come ready to ask those questions here!



After completing sales requirements most dealers shift their BI focus to Inventory. Specifically Forecasting tools which link together both On Hand and Sales data in one view. This session will provide a basic introduction on how RQ manages inventory using a ledger view of ins and outs. We will walk you through how that information is made available in BI and how you can use it in a meaningful way to achieve on hand cost and quantity balances by location or product. 



From Inventory, many dealers tend to focus on Audit related reporting and creating tools to support the Ops teams. In this session learn reporting techniques which will help put controls in place around both for both the sales transaction and the order of the phone. We will highlight some the most common requests including: Refund reporting, Discount Reporting, Coupons and the concept of creating a report to show you “Open” Items only.


Hands on Development Time – Carrier Reporting

Please come to the training with an idea of the columns/rows of data your Main sales report contains. Have an excel mocked up and ready of how you would ideally see this working for your sales team / Company and a clear idea of who needs access to it. For example, you need a View by Location and also by Employee and it will be sent to all members of the team daily. What are the columns? Does it have targets?



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For more information on this or other training options, please email us at   Please be sure to bring your laptops with RQ already downloaded and your power cords.

*Fees will be billed directly to iQmetrix account unless other payment options are requested*


*Due to restricted seating, fees may be non-refundable for cancellations within the 3-week period preceding the session. Any issues will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.*

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