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Question: What are Our Core Values? Answer: SLICCE

By Allan Pulga Jul 27, 2011

Our company is growing. As we are continually hiring, we have developed a special orientation program for new employees. Part of this program involves a description of our core values (Speed and Agility, Lifestyle, Innovation, Character, Community and Environment) represented by the acronym SLICCE.

Nevin Danielson, our Manager of Employee Development, set out to let our employees describe these values.

“I literally just set up the camera and asked employees to define each value," he says. "We didn’t have to prompt anything.”

Thu Tran, our Web Program Manager, constantly does double duty as our in-house video expert. He collaborated with Nevin to edit and assemble this video.

"The most difficult part for me, was what to leave out of the video. All the interviewees embodied SLICCE in their own individual way so well, it was hard to trim the video down."

In the end, this video captures what it means to be an iQer. So, to new employees: Welcome aboard. To longtime employees: Keep doing what you're doing. To everybody else: Please join us on our journey as a company.

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