QR Codes Make the Real World Clickable

Sep 08, 2011 — BM

Our friends at Common Craft just released their newest videos: QR codes explained. We gave some feedback on "beta" versions of the video, so Common Craft was kind enough to allow us to share the video with you here.

We're big fans of QR codes at iQmetrix, because it gives us something to experiment with today. Here's a video that should make it really easy to explain QR codes to anyone:

We're also interested in NFC and RFID, two technologies that are in some ways competition to QR code scanning, but NFC readers are just starting to hit the market in the very newest smartphones. With QR codes, we can experiment with different areas of interactive retail today, because we think the act of connecting the physical world to the digital world is a very powerful activity. The rich experience of the web is already transitioning to the mobile browser and apps in our pocket, but it's very virtual and in some ways disconnected from the physical space that we inhabit. QR codes are one way to directly connect the two, to pass information from the physical world to the digital devices we carry, and ideally enhance the experience in both directions.

But aside from all that crazy future stuff, QR codes are being experimented with on a massive scale. A recent post on the 2D code blog shows the kind of press a local business got as a local early adopter of QR codes.

Want to experiment with QR codes for your own use? Our favourite QR code generator is the open source ZXing Generator, which allows you to create codes for everything from business contact information to automatic map links. Or, you could head over to Moo Cards and order your own business cards with QR codes printed on them.

Don't have a QR code reader on your smartphone yet? We've collected links to major scanners that are available on all platforms that you can download here (that link is mobile optimized and displays nicely on your mobile browser as well).

Once you've installed a code reader like one of the above, try scanning the code below -- it's a link to a mobile version of the same Common Craft video we've embedded on this post.

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