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Jul 31, 2014 — Allan Pulga

iQmetrix handset protection partner ProtectCELL was featured in a WIRED review a few months ago (March 18).

Author Michael S. Lasky agreed to test out the ProtectCELL service, which involved him dropping his phone into a blender at CES 2014 and having ProtectCELL handle the rest.

Lasky said while the "data backup and restore service (via ProtectCELL's "Digital Leash" cloud service) was so-so, the real value is in device replacement."

ProtectCELL's data backup offering is so-so; the real value is in device replacement.Michael S. Lasky, WIRED

He noted that annual protection plans vary in price, based on whether you want to simply protect your data (and replace the hardware yourself) or of you're willing to pay more for exact-model device replacement.

Lasky pointed out services like iCloud or Google data backup already protect users' data for free so device replacement, again, is where ProtectCELL shines.

"Replacing the hardware yourself is more costly (than data replacement), and usually requires purchasing an insurance plan from the manufacturer, or from your carrier," Lasky wrote. "It’s in this scenario that ProtectCell presents a better deal — but again, whether the cost is worth it depends on which phone you have and who your carrier is."

High-end devices nowadays are pricey and prone to damage/theft. Device replacement insurance is worth it.

In today's wireless market, where the cost of replacing your high-end device outright is typically around $600 AND because these devices are so prone to damage, smashed screens, theft and more -- device replacement insurance is worth it.

"If you’re prone to dropping expensive things into the toilet, the (ProtectCELL)’s service seems like a worthy investment for anybody who likes to carry the latest (and most costly) hardware," Lasky concludes.

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